You Rocked The Vote!

Remember last Wednesday when I took the trip to HomeGoods and came home with a trunk load of beautiful, glorious glass bowls?!?!? (Well, not a truck load…)

I did have 3 that I had fallen in love with, but knew I only needed to keep one. So I asked for your help and we took a vote. I told you that I would let you know the reader’s choice.

And the winner is…

Pretty Peacock! With 70% of the Vote! She is definitely my favorite too. I love the colors and the texture. The edge of the bowl has such amazing detail. I think I will use her exactly as I’ve shown here…in the foyer, so everyone can see her. 


Second runner up…Topkapi Treasure. The colors of this bowl are stunning, but I will admit that it was my least favorite of the three. I think it has a formal look and would look great in a formal dining room or foyer. Topkapi Treasure received 30% of the vote, which means…


Poor little Charming Cheetah came in last…poor little thing…didn’t get one vote! I really like her. I hope it’s just that the pictures don’t do it justice. It really is gorgeous. It’s very unique and different, which is maybe why I like it so much. And remember, I love animal print. Oh well, to each their own…


So Topkapi Treasure and Charming Cheetah will be returning to the store. But that’s ok. We can’t all be winners.

Thanks for all your votes! You helped confirm my first instinct, which was “keep Pretty Peacock!”

Always go with your gut…


You are always Welcome at My House!

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