Window Shopping WOW ~ Fiesta Dinnerware

WOW! What colors!


It’s Day 3 of the 31 Days to a beautiful home. Yesterday I did some window shopping and WOW did I find some beautiful Fiesta Dinnerware!

Kohl’s has a wide selection of gorgeous Fiesta dinnerware in some amazing colors. Plus…it was on sale! Always a plus!!!!

I am loving this turquoise! Beautiful, bright and bold! Check out the sale prices.Fiesta Dinnerware

This color is Flamingo. The mugs are awesome. I think the size is great because it’s perfect for a good cup of coffee. Fiesta Dinnerware

I think it’s a great idea to mix colors. The turquoise and yellow are beautiful together. You could mix several colors, incorporating a few plates, mugs, bowls of each color. The canisters would be so cute, having a different color in each size canister.

Fiesta Dinnerware

This adorable spoon rest is too cute for words! I love the size and shape of it. Fiesta Dinnerware

Red is my favorite color, so of course I’m loving the red Fiesta! Fiesta Dinnerware

At Kohl’s you can purchase individual pieces or sets, which is great because you can create the perfect set of dinnerware for yourself. Being able to buy individual pieces enables you to mix the colors like I mentioned earlier. If you prefer to have everything the same color, then the sets are the way to go because it’s much cheaper to buy in sets.

Fiesta dinnerware is a classic! It has brought beauty into homes for years and hopefully will continue to for many more to come!


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