Window Shopping Wednesday

Window Shopping at Lowe’s


Today’s window shopping took place at another one of my favorite places to shop…Lowe’s. Sometimes I feel like I spend more time there than at home!

Lowe’s is much more than nails and tools. One particular aisle I like, contains mirrors! The good thing about Lowe’s is that they will carry trendy items at a “less than designer” price.


Take for example this mirror:

On sale for $39.98! Can you say, “Take me home…” I have seen a mirror that is a few inches smaller than this, and very similar in design, for over $200. Not identical, but similar.


Look at this beauty:

This is my favorite! I love a round mirror. It’s $84.98, but it’s 32 inches in diameter. That’s a good size mirror! I think the distressed look of it is great. It looks like it would cost much more! Love, love, love it!


This one would be great for a light colored bathroom or beach house:

It has mother of pearl in the inlay. Very pretty…and at $54.98, how could you say no?! The detail is awesome.


Check this one out:

This guy is the most expensive one I liked…$99.97, but it’s a good size (30×40) and I think it has a very bold, unique look to it. I love the detail and the richness of the wood. It would be striking in an entryway or foyer, placed above a marble top console table.


Last but not least:

At $39.98, this simple mirror is a steal. The light wood gives it an airy, fresh look. It’s not ornate, so it would work great in a boy’s room. If you don’t care for the light wood, you could paint it any color you like…use your imagination!


So next time you run to Lowe’s for some screws or a gallon of paint, stop by the mirror aisle. You just might see a reflection of a beautiful home in the making!


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