Window Shopping Wednesday! IKEA Style!!

I’ve gotta say it…I love IKEA! I do not get to go there often, so when I do…I love it!

This past weekend, my son moved into his dorm at college. While I hate to see him go, I couldn’t help but be a little giddy, because there’s an IKEA just a few miles away! So as soon as we had him settled, off I went! I emerged about 2 1/2 hours later…

Normally, on WSW, I have a particular type of item to highlight, such as chairs or mirrors. But, just like in the store…with IKEA…you need to see the whole picture!

Below is the new PS 2012 sofa for $899.00. I think it’s definitely more for the “fresh out-of-college” young adult. The cover is removable and the color is great. I also love the colors of the pillows! Great mix.

I LOVE the hanging pendant. It’s one of my favorite pieces at IKEA and it’s only $59.99!

Check out the fabric hanging in the background…that is squares of their various fabrics sewn together. Wouldn’t that make some great curtains?!?! Some of their fabrics used here are Gurine ($5.99/yd), Emmie Rand ($8.99/yd), Majken ($7.99/yd) and Sofia ($7.99/yd). Easy to make!

I love the gray tweed of this Karlstad sofa. The chaise lounge is awesome. This sofa combo starts at $828.00, based on your fabric choice. I’m fairly sure that the tag hanging above the sofa reading $978.00 , is the price for this fabric choice.

What do you think of the faux sheepskin for $29.99? Very trendy right now! I may just have to throw one in my house somewhere. Who knows?!

I love the color combination in this cottage style room. This is the Isala side table in Lilac for $179.00. Sometimes I don’t think everyone realizes that IKEA is not just “modern” modular furniture. I honestly feel that you can find something for just about everyone! 

There are my favorite pendants again! They are called the Boja Pendant Lamp. So awesome! They go so well with the dining room chairs. The chairs are called the Nandor chair. The legs are nickel-plated and they are $79.99 each. Very coastal! 

The table, shown above and below, is the Stornas Dining Table in Black-Brown. It is also available in Antique Stain. Both color choices are $449.00.

In the picture below, I love the industrial look of the Foto Pendant Lamps mixed with the cottage style of the chairs. The Foto Pendants are only $19.99 each!

The white chairs are the Ingolf for $59.99 each and the brown-black are the Kaustby for $39.99 each. Love the mix! 

Last, but not least…kitchen by IKEA! Wow! What a great kitchen! Love the size of the island with built-in sink! Gorgeous!

The pendants are the Manljus Pendant lamps for $49.99. I love the silver “base” that peeks out from underneath. It actually covers the bulb a little, so that if you look up into the pendant, you won’t be “blinded” by the light.

The bar stools are called Henriksdal and are $119.00 each. Personally, I don’t care for leather bar stools. Just a preference… but there are lots of other bar stools to choose from at IKEA. 

I think the thing that I love about IKEA is that you can find just about every style, in every price range, imaginable. If you like cottage…they have some. If you like modern…they have some. If you want a chair for $19.99…Ok. If you want a chair for $119.99…Ok.

Stop by IKEA or go online and check out their website. Have some IKEA Fun!


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    OK you totally spotted the table/chairs I’m eyeing for my dining room. I’d love the Stornas table – but the smaller size. And a few of the x back chairs – but in the darker finish. I love Ikea too!

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