“Window Shopping Wednesday” Begins!

Ok, so today I had an epiphany while wandering around HomeGoods. I was returning the glass bowls (that did not get the most votes)…and not needing to spend any more money, I decided to do a “walk through”…you know…just to see if I stumble across anything that I MUST have…

Then it dawned on me!…I should do this weekly! (I really don’t need another reason to shop, but…oh well!)

So “Window Shopping Wednesday” has begun!! Every Wednesday, I will highlight products that I’ve discovered that week. I’ll let you know colors, prices and where to get them. We’ll also discuss where and how you can use them.

I know today is officially Thursday, but “Window Shopping Thursday” doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue!

Let’s get started…

While in HomeGoods, my wandering eyes discovered an unusually large selection of chairs. Big chairs, little chairs, cushy chairs, stiff chairs, ugly chairs and pretty chairs.

Chair #1Love, love, love this wing chair. The fabric is beautiful and the tufting is gorgeous. I would prefer darker colored legs, but that could be taken care of easily.

I would use this chair anywhere!…It would look right at home in any family room, living, room, bedroom… The color is so neutral, it would work with just about any decor.


Chair #2I just about left the store with this beauty!! The modern take on this wing chair is so cool. I love the blue-gray leather and the nailhead detail is so chic! Nailhead trim is so trendy right now. It’s classic, yet fun.

This chair would be gorgeous beside some wonderful built-in bookcases, with a gorgeous round end table beside it. It could be your “reading chair.” Snuggle up with a great book and a cup of coffee.


Chair #3

This club chair is so cute and casual. It’s by Broyhill. It’s hard to tell by the picture, but it has light blue, white and tan stripes. Very cushy! Both pillows are unattached. I love when the back cushion is unattached. When the cushion gets flattened by everyone sitting in it, you can turn it over and get it back in shape. Try to flip the cushion every couple of weeks.

This chair would be great in the t.v. room…it’s so comfortable! It would also be cute in a little boy’s nursery. The colors would be great with a light blue and tan color scheme.


Chair #4This chair is lovely. I would classify this chair as an accent or occasional chair. This style is often used as a dining chair. The fabric is an oatmeal colored linen (although the picture makes it look gray.) Again, it has the nailhead trim, which I love.

They only had one of this chair, but wouldn’t a set of 6 look amazing around a dining room table?!?!?!?!


Chair #5This armless library chair has an old English look. I can definitely see this in an office or library/study area of a home. I think it would also work in a bedroom, with the right, traditional style decor.

Check out the nailhead detail!…can we say “yes” to the nailhead?!?!?!


Everyone go to your local HomeGoods!…See what they have to offer!…You won’t be disappointed!

Are we loving “Window Shopping Wednesday?” Let me know if there is a particular product you would like me to look for.


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