Window Shopping Wednesday

It’s Window Shopping Wednesday once more and this week I paid a visit to my local Pier1.

The one thing I love about Pier1 is the abundance of color that embraces you as you walk through the door! If you do not like color, then you are definitely in the wrong place.

One specific trend caught my eye…a trend that we’ve all seen a lot of lately. Since it’s been so popular, I thought I’d give you Pier1’s take on it!

That trend is peacocks!

I gave you a glimpse of some peacock, in my post about my glass bowls I found at HomeGoods…remember “Pretty Peacock?” I feel in love with that bowl!

Here’s what I found at Pier1:

It’s hard not to love these tri-color candles with the peacock medallion attached. These would make a great gift, especially for the peacock lover!

I think these candlesticks are absolutely gorgeous! The tallest one was $22.00. I love the boldness of the colors. These would be beautiful in some white built-in bookcases mixed with some other accessories in these colors. You would have the bright, clean white of the shelves and the richness of these colors spread throughout. It would make a stunning statement.

There were several peacock inspired candles to choose from, ranging in price from $12.00-$20.00. 

Look at this Peacock Feather Window Panel. They are $34.95 for an 84″ panel and $44.95 for a 96″ panel. Each panel is also 54″ wide. I love the peacock-blue color with the gold stitching of the feathers. 

This Mirrored Peacock Pillow has a touch of sequins, beads and embroidery that make it really stand out. It’s $34.95 and is 20″ wide and 12″ tall. You can’t tell by my picture, but there is a peacock on both ends of the pillow. Also, the pillow is upside down in the picture. Sorry! 

I love this throw. It does not have a “peacock” on it, but it has the colors that you’ve seen throughout the other pictures. Imagine how you could use this throw with the pillow and the candlesticks. What a statement!

This last item is probably my favorite and it gives you a way of putting “peacock” into your home decor without going “peacock crazy!” Look at the Peacock Feather Sphere! Awesome! At $6.00 each, they are an inexpensive, yet subtle way to get that peacock trend going. I love the mix of them with the gold and mirrored spheres too.

This is just a small sampling of what Pier1 has to offer in the peacock trend. Visit their website or your local store to get a glimpse of their wide variety of items available!

When it comes to home decor, don’t be afraid to ruffle a few feathers!


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