Window Shopping at Target

 Silver and Gold Holiday Dishes


Yesterday I made a stop at Target to pick up a few much-needed items and I decided to take a swing over to the home goodies! Like most of you…I love Target! I think the best thing about Target is that you can get beautiful, on trend items at a great price! That’s a plus because I don’t feel as guilty when I buy something new that may only be “hot” for a little while.

As I made my way to the home decor section, I found that they had some gorgeous silver and gold holiday dishes by Threshold.

Silver and Gold Holiday Dishes

They are gorgeous! What an elegant table these would make! I love the rich gold color of the basket weave bowl. I think the square plates could be used all year for any occasion because the design is simply branches.

If you want seasonal dishes, the snowflake plates below are a great choice. They are the perfect dishes to use all winter.

Snowflake Gold and Silver Holiday Dishes

This reindeer platter is unique. I love the rectangle, slender shape of the dish. How great is the background on the platter?

Reindeer silver and gold holiday platter

This is my favorite piece! The small one is a gold and white “wood” serving stand. The larger one to the left is silver and white. They resemble a cut tree stump. So cute!! They would be great for serving cheese and crackers. The large one could be used as a cake stand.

You wouldn’t even have to use it for serving…they’re a great decor piece!

Silver and Gold holiday dishes


Like I said…yesterday I found these beautiful silver and gold holiday dishes at Target…I came home…and found this at Centsational Girl!

silver and gold holiday dishes

Does that top plate look familiar? Stop by her blog and see how she chose to create a gold and silver holiday table!


Nate the Great


I could not leave Target without checking out Nate’s lovelies…He’s rocking the silver and gold!

Nate Berkus

There wasn’t a lot left and not a lot to choose from, but as you can see they had the great tortoise-shell. Stop by Young House Love to see where Sherry put hers!


I love the elegance that goes along with a beautiful silver and gold themed table…but you are not limited to only an “elegant” table. You could take the Threshold dishes and combine them with some natural elements or primitive pieces and you’d have a gorgeous table as well!

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  1. says

    Target’s Threshold line has me weak in the knees! Did you see the gold woodgrain chargers? 10 of those babies hopped in my cart and I have no idea how it happened! 😉 I didn’t see those “wood” tree stumps – what aisle/section were they in? Kitchen or home decor?

  2. says

    Oh, Leslie! You are speaking my holiday love language girl! I am smitten with all things silver and gold for the holidays! Love what Target is offering this season, so impressed! xo Kristin

  3. Paula Porter says

    I am trying to find the reindeer platters with the gold edged trim you show on your blog by House on the Way. Are they acrylic? Can they be bought individually, and where?