What’s the Deal? It’s a Gender Reveal!

A What Kind Of Party????

I’m venturing a little off course today because I attended a very exciting party yesterday. Who doesn’t love a party, right?!

But this was a new one for me…it was a gender reveal party. Apparently it’s the latest thing for soon-to-be parents. When I gave birth, many moons ago, you didn’t really want to know the gender, much less have a party for it…but times have changed and we had a blast! The parents-to-be are dear friends and I am so excited for them and this wonderful adventure that they are embarking on.

There are so many fun ideas when it comes to gender reveal parties. Just take a look at Pinterest and you’ll see what I’m talking about!

One of the most popular things to do is have the inside of the cake done in either blue or pink and the reveal takes place when the cake is cut. You can also make a game of the event by asking people to vote whether they think it’s a boy or a girl. The party can be decorated in blue and pink or you can go with a neutral theme decor.

Yesterday’s party was so cute! Check it out..Gender Reveal Party

Gender Reveal Party

I love the “gender neutral” theme of the yellow and black “What Will It Bee” theme. It helps add to the suspense of not knowing!Gender Reveal Party

Gender Reveal Party

The exciting part of yesterday’s party was the fact that the parents-to-be had NO IDEA what the gender was either! They found out at the same moment that we did.

When they had the ultrasound, they asked to have the results put in an envelope. The envelope was then taken to the party store and the employee had to look and fill a box with balloons. She was instructed blue for a boy and pink for a girl, obviously. The box was sealed and wrapped until the big day. Gender Reveal Party

It was such fun and we were all a little nervous! It was like watching an award ceremony…waiting to find out the winner!

At the appropriate moment the parents-to-be opened the box and the balloons flew out…

Is it a He or a She????

Gender Reveal Party

It’s a Boy!!

They were so excited! We all were! It was such a wonderful experience and I appreciate that they wanted to share such an important moment in their lives with us.

I’m so happy for them and they are the sweetest couple ever! Congrats to them both!


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