Valentine’s Day Heart Wreath From Pages Of A Book

~Treasure of the Heart~


I have fallen in love with the beautiful crafts created right from the pages of a book! Have you seen the wreaths, butterflies and other goodies? All you need to do is hop to Pinterest for inspiration or stop by Jennifer Rizzo’s daughter’s room or check out the gorgeous starburst wreath at City Farmhouse. Aren’t they beautiful? and cool?

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I decided to make my version in the form of a heart wreath.

Valentine’s Day Heart Wreath


valentine's day heart wreath from pages of a book

I scoured my bookshelves for a book that I wouldn’t mind ripping pages from, plus I wanted it to have some sort of significance to the project.  Last year, I purchased a few cheap books to fill my bookcases. Luckily, I had an old romance novel that I had picked up for $.25! Plus, the title was “Treasure of the Heart.” How appropriate!

valentine's day heart wreath from pages of a book

I’ve included my FIRST EVER video tutorial on how to make the Valentines’ wreath!

I’ve also included the step-by-step directions below.

I rolled each page to form a sort of “cone.”

valentine's day heart wreath from pages of a book

Then I began attaching the rolled pages to a heart-shaped cardboard cut-out with hot glue.

valentine's day heart wreath from pages of a book

I started with the outside of the form and then simply layered each row on top of each other.

valentine's day heart wreath from pages of a book

You can decide the direction you prefer your pages to aim, whether that be up, down or to the side. As you can see, most of my pages aim upwards, but begin to angle down as they get toward the bottom of the heart.

valentine's day heart wreath from pages of a book

I attached a red and white ribbon to the back of the wreath as a hanger.

valentine's day heart wreath from pages of a book

I hung my new Valentine’s Day Heart Wreath on my corner cabinet.

valentine's day heart wreath from pages of a book

I love the simple yet elegant look of this wreath. The book I chose to use was an older book, so the pages had started to yellow. I like the “antique” look that the pages give the wreath. This was a fun and easy project and I love it!

What have you created from the pages of a book?

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  1. says

    What a great idea! So cute! If you have time, I’d love it if you could come link-up your post to our Sweets For My Sweetie link-up. It would be a great addition! If you don’t have time, I understand, but figured I’d ask. 🙂 Have an amazing week!

  2. Kelly says

    Your heart wreath looks great! Love the texture and character of the aged book pages. I’ve never done a book page art project, but your pretty heart is definitely inspiration to take a shot at doing something similar 🙂

  3. says

    Like you, I adore using old book pages for so many crafts! The texture, the fonts…. all so yummy! This heart wreath is wonderful and one I just might have to get busy and make!! Thanks for sharing!

    • says

      Thank you Robin! I’d definitely grab some of those books. Thanks for the invite to your party! I’ll stop by. Have a great week.

  4. says

    Oh, I LOVE how you have a pictorial tutorial along with a video one! I’ve never made anything with book pages but I’m going to be making something now! I’m so glad you shared this at Loving Valentines Day!


  5. says

    I love the way your heart wreath turned out. It is so cute and so much easier than making rosettes out of book pages! I’m going to copy this one for sure! Thanks so much for sharing and blessings to you, Patti@OldThingsNew

  6. April says

    I have made a heart garland and bookmarks with books we have weeded out of the collection because of disrepair. I love the thought of reusing them and now just throwing them away. I just cut out a heart to make this project. I am so excited.

  7. Cyndy Buiniskis says

    I love this wreath but alas, my attempt is not retaining the heart shape. All I can think of is, was your heart a wide, sort of exaggerated shape? Mine is appx 13×15″ and I wonder if it s/b more rounded. So bummed. Hopefully I can salvage as a sort of oval looking wreath but am still curious about the heart shape. Thanks!

    • says

      Mine was a pretty true heart shape. The main thing is too create the “true” heart shape with the paper shapes. As you glue them along the edge, be sure the heart shape is forming. One side may have the paper sticking off the cardboard more than the other side, but if the front is making a true heart shape, then it should work good. Does that make sense? I hope that helps.

      • Cyndy Buiniskis says

        Leslie – thanks for the prompt reply! And yes, that makes sense. I’ll definitely give it another try. I was able to “save” the first one by making it just a really large wreath, kind of free form but still pretty nice LOL! 😉