Valentine’s Day Bowl Full of Cherries

Don’t You Just Love Cherries?!


Ok, so it’s not really a bowl, but a vase and the saying is “Life is a bowl full of cherries” but for today, we’ll pretend that it’s “Love is a vase full of cherries.” It’s my version of a Valentine’s Day Bowl Full of Cherries!

Valentine's Day bowl full of Cherries

I found these great paper mache cherries at Michaels for $.25 each. I snagged them during their huge clearance sale.

Valentine's Day bowl full of cherries

I painted each one with a little craft paint. I love them already!

These cherries can be used all year, but for now I’m going to use them for Valentine’s Day. They are the inspiration for my Valentine’s Day bowl full of cherries!

Valentine's Day bowl full of Cherries

Using basic card stock, I cut out the letters L-O-V-E.

Valentine's Day Bowl full of Cherries

I began creating my Valentine arrangement by adding some shredded pink tissue paper to the bottom of the vase and then started to layer the cherries.

Valentine's Day bowl full of cherries

Valentine's Day bowl full of cherries

As I was adding the cherries, I also positioned the letters. I wanted them to be at different angles and to appear as if they were placed very haphazardly. I wanted a fun, casual look.

Valentine's Day bowl full of cherries

I love the sweet, romantic feel of this Valentine’s Day arrangement. My gorgeous little rose came from Lowe’s and my bird dish was a find from HomeGoods. The red, pink and white look so pretty together!

Valentine's day bowl full of cherries

So no matter how you choose to spend your Valentine’s Day this year, remember that…

Valentine's Day bowl Full of cherries

LOVE is a bowl full of cherries!

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