Let’s Go Take A Hike

Hiking Cover Photo

On any given Saturday, you can usually find me at home. I love to have a “lazy day” on the weekends. (Although my kids would probably say that I love to have a lazy day during the week too, but that’s another story.) Today was different. My daughter decided that we should go on a […]

Crazy For Tassels

Tassels Featured Image

So there are definitely different types of tassels…The ones I’m crazy for are not the ones you find in a strip club! I’m crazy for the current tassel trend in fashion and home decor. Have you noticed the fabulous jewelry with tassel detail? Gorgeous! Today I’m sharing a few of my favorite pieces that I’ve […]

Math Themed Graduation Party

Math Themed Graduation Party

Another one of my kids is graduating and I’m amazed at how time is flying by. Where has the time gone? It seems like just yesterday he was starting kindergarten. Now he’s heading to college. But before that step, we had to take the time to celebrate this milestone in his life.…