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I feel like I’ve been missing in action from my blog the last several days. I’ve been so busy with my daughter’s upcoming graduation. This past weekend we had a very intimate graduation party with family and friends who have known her forever. I wanted it be a celebration of her life, accomplishments and the wonderful young woman that she’s become. It was a wonderful party and I’m excited to share some of the details of her Twilight Theme Graduation Party.

Twilight Theme Graduation Party


When I began planning the party, my first thought was the theme. My daughter is a lover of books. She has many favorites, but her love affair with books began with Twilight. The Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer has been such a big part of her life. First it was the books and then it was the movies. I didn’t want to decorate with vampires and blood, so I decided to focus on the Twilight books themselves.

I hit gold at a local discount book store. They had every book from the Twilight series for $1.00 each! I bought 17! The cashier thought I was a little odd, but I quickly explained my idea. Most of the books would be torn apart, so that I could use the pages themselves. I wanted the party decorations to correlate with each book from the series.


We had her party at a local restaurant. It was great because the only thing I had to worry about was the decorations, specifically the table decor. We had 5 tables. I created 3 different centerpieces, using 2 different designs on four tables and a single design on the fifth.

Check out my centerpiece that represents the cover from the Twilight book…

Twilight Theme Graduation Party

Two tables had this centerpiece. They were made from a foam cooler from the Dollar Tree. I turned the cooler upside down and hot glued rolled pages around the edges. I love that all the pages are from the Twilight book.

Twilight Theme Graduation Party

The cooler was somewhat tiered, so once the pages were attached, they had a tiered appearance. I added spanish moss along the tiered edge and the top of the centerpiece. I added some wisteria, which was used in the wedding scene in the Breaking Dawn movie.

Twilight Theme graduation party

Obviously, the apple comes straight from the Twilight cover. Don’t forget that it’s a graduation party…I had to add the 2013!

Twilight Theme graduation  party

Twilight  Theme graduation party


We also had two of this centerpiece that comes straight from the cover of Breaking Dawn…

Twilight Theme Graduation party

This was a very easy centerpiece! The base is the top of the cooler with spanish moss hot glued around the edges and greenery attached to the bottom. I stacked the four books of the series on top and tied them with red ribbon.

Twilight Theme Graduation Party

The red ribbon represents the cover of the Eclipse book. The white Queen and red Pawn chess pieces represent the cover of Breaking Dawn. I found the chess pieces at Hobby Lobby.

Twilight Theme Graduation party

Twilight Grad Book Centerpiece


For the fifth table, I created this centerpiece that represents the cover of Eclipse and New Moon…

Twilight Grad Party centerpiece

The base of this centerpiece was made using two of the cooler lids. I used moss and greenery again. I used a large 2013 sign and wove the red ribbon throughout the centerpiece. I could not find the flower from the New Moon cover so I bought white tulips and dipped them into red paint.

Twilight Graduation Party 2

I also rolled a couple of pages from the book and tied red ribbon around them. They give the appearance of a diploma.

Twilight Grad party 13


Instead of one large cake, I chose to use 4 round cakes. Following my theme, each cake represents each Twilight book. Plus, each cake was a different flavor! We had chocolate (her favorite), white chocolate raspberry (my favorite), white and key lime! YUM!

Twilight grad party cakes


Twilight Grad Party Cake

New Moon…

Twilight Grad Party New Moon Cake


Twilight grad party eclipse cake

Breaking Dawn…

Twilight Grad Party Breaking Dawn Cake

The cakes were made by a local bakery that makes AMAZING cakes! They did a beautiful job with the fondant decorative touches!


I love to use photo collages at graduation parties. Guests love to look at pictures from the graduate’s childhood and pictures with family and friends. I wanted something different for her party. I found wooden letters that spell her name and used Mod Podge to decorate them with photos of my daughter through the years. The best thing about it is that she can take the letters with her and use them to decorate her dorm room.

Twilight Grad party letters


As a little decorative touch and a bit of the Breaking Dawn movie, I added little framed snippets of the Twilight book. If you’ve seen Breaking Dawn Part 2, you’ll notice in the closing credits, that they highlight the name Bella, Edward and Jacob. I did my version of that…

Twilight Framed Page Collage

Twilight Grad party 10


twilight grad party 19

The party was a great success and she loved it! I’m excited for her and the opportunities that are headed her way, but I’m also a little apprehensive about my little girl entering that next stage of her life. A little sad….a little melancholy…but happy for her!

Twilight Grad party 20

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  1. says

    Awesome Leslie! What a lovely and great party theme! I Loved those books too and I’m probably older than she is lol! You did an amazing job there with cakes and everything I was delighted!! Thanks for sharing this Pinned!

    Hope you are having a lovely day

    Cami @ TitiCrafty by Camila

  2. says

    That is so great, Leslie!! I LOVE twilight too and can appreciate all the effort you put in to your daughter’s party. She’s a lucky girl to have such a talented and creative Mom.

  3. says

    What an absolutely wonderful celebration! You did an awesome job of creating a fantastic memory for her to cherish!

  4. says

    What a fantastic party, I havn’t seen anything like this before it is so unique 🙂 I’m sure your daughter absolutely loved it – how could she not!! What a special way to congratulate her. I love all the little details you put in here, and your table centrepiece is amazing!

  5. says

    Okay… So, when I saw the letters, I had to come check out the party…. SO STINKIN” AWESOME!! I love it all.. you didn’t miss a detail. I know she must have loved it, too… Wishing her much success as she pursues the next step in her life… 😉

    • says

      Thank you Marissa! And thanks for the invite to your party. I’ll try to stop by.
      Have a great upcoming weekend!