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~Upcycle an Old T-shirt~


On Monday I shared the Paris themed art that I made for my daughter’s dorm room. Today I’m sharing some wall art that I made for my son’s room. It was an idea that stumbled upon us.

Over the summer my son spent some time cleaning out his closet. He gathered together some clothes that he no longer wore. In the stack, I found some old t-shirts from his favorite band. He loves this band and as I looked at the t-shirts, I noticed how unique the designs were. I decided to figure out a way for him to keep them. I decided to turn his t-shirt into art.

tshirt into art

Remember the sale I found on the artist canvas from Michael’s?…I picked some up for the Paris art. I was able to get four 16×20 artist canvas for $7.49! I still get giddy when I think about that deal!

Considering I already had the t-shirts…that means that each piece of art was about $2.00!


Step 1: I cut the arms off of each t-shirt. Then I cut the shirt on the sides and across the shoulders, separating the front and the back.

tshirt into art

Step 2: I centered the t-shirt over the canvas. I pulled the top of the t-shirt over the back edge of the canvas and stapled it using my staple gun.

tshirt into art

Step 3: After I stapled the top of the t-shirt, I sprayed the canvas with spray adhesive. Then I pulled the t-shirt over the canvas and centered the design. I smoothed the t-shirt flat over the canvas.

tshirt into art

Step 4: Once the t-shirt was adhered to the canvas, I flipped it over and began stapling the rest of the shirt to the canvas.

tshirt into art

They turned out great! He loved them!

Tshirt into art

Be sure to iron the shirts and the adhesive is key! It keeps the fabric from shifting on the canvas.

tshirt into art

I loved doing this for him. It’s a great way for him to keep a memento of his favorite band. He enjoyed wearing the t-shirts and now he can enjoy them as art, which is really what they are…wearable art.

Check your closets. I guarantee you have something just waiting to be beautifully hung on your walls.

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  1. says

    Leslie – I love, love, love this idea!! So genius! We have boxes full of old sentimental tshirts that we don’t want to throw away and this would be perfect! Pinned and going to share on FB!

  2. Dave Congleton says


    My old cotton shirts from rugby days have deteriorated but this worked well, I’m just wondering about preservatives?
    Have you experimented with, say, spray poly? varnish? lacquer? other??

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