Thanksgiving Turkey Decorating

Make the Thanksgiving Turkey Look Good

Thanksgiving is only a week away! We’re all getting ready for the big day!

Over the last few weeks I’ve shared with you several ideas for decorating your Thanksgiving table. If you remember, I created this Bountiful Centerpiece for my table. My table is ready, but I can’t forget the Thanksgiving turkey!

Last year was my son’s first Thanksgiving home from college and I wanted to have Thanksgiving at our home. It was my first time hosting Thanksgiving and my first time cooking the turkey! I wanted it to be a special day for everyone to remember. I wanted them to remember the fun, the fellowship and the most precious of all Thanksgiving emblems…the turkey.

When I was young my grandmother would serve the turkey sliced. I realize that she did so because there were so many of us eating and it was much faster and efficient to have the turkey sliced and ready to go!

But I’ve always dreamed of a big turkey served on a beautiful platter…the whole family gathered around the table…waiting for the first slice of the bird.

So last year, that’s exactly what I did! My turkey was beautiful! Golden brown and oh so juicy! I placed the beauty upon my platter and garnished it with greens and fruit.

thanksgiving turkey

I thought it was the prettiest turkey I had ever laid my eyes upon! Of course, I was inwardly praying, “Please don’t let this be a Christmas Vacation moment!” You know the one…when Clark W. Griswold slices into the turkey and it’s so dry it practically disintegrates!

But it didn’t! It was just right!

So this Thanksgiving, when you’re setting your Thanksgiving table with those gorgeous dinner napkins, fine china and fancy silverware…don’t forget to decorate your turkey.

Here a few other examples of turkey “dressing”…


Paula Deen’s Roasted Turkey with Maple Cranberry Glaze is simply done with some herbs, lemons and cranberries.

 Thanksgiving Turkey


Martha Stewart‘s turkey is beautifully presented. I love the subtle colors of the herbs and fruit that she chose.

Thanksgiving Turkey


Jose Garces’ Citrus Marinated Turkey looks yummy! I love the bright colors of the oranges and pomegranates on the platter.

Thanksgiving Turkey


This Southwestern Rubbed Turkey by From Eating Well has a theme going! Love it…a southwestern turkey garnished with peppers!

Thanksgiving Turkey


Choose your turkey and plan your menu, but don’t forget that presentation is key!

On Thanksgiving day, enjoy your family and friends as they gather around the table admiring your beautifully dressed table…

…and your scrumptiously dressed turkey!

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    I agree that presentation is so important. Doesn’t it feel good to set everything out just right for the people we love? 🙂 These are great links to check out for next week. Thanks and thanks for hosting the Twirl & Take a Bow party!

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