DIY Nailhead Trim Pinboard

Nailhead Trim Pinboard

  ~$3.00 DIY~   When it comes to creating beautiful home decor, I always try to do so in the most affordable way possible. Sometimes it’s inevitable to spend money when it comes to decorating our homes. But when we have the ability to do it ourselves, using simple supplies…why not? Take, for example, this colorful nailhead trim pinboard that I crafted for my daughter’s room at

Shop with Spark Studio

Walmart's Spark Studio

~A New Way to Shop~   This post is sponsored by Walmart Labs. There’s a new, fun way to shop with Walmart. It’s Walmart’s Spark Studio.  It’s an innovative shopping experience that gives you the opportunity to shop how you want to. Do you love to shop online? Do you love Pinterest?…

Pleated Fabric Covered Stool for My Office

Round Stool Title

~Office Update~   As you know, I’ve been working (SLOWLY) on my office/craft room. Will I ever get it done?…I’m trying! I do not want to show you too much till the final reveal, but I also do not want you to think I’m not accomplishing anything…I’m not lazy…I promise! Therefore, I decided to give you a peek at this easy transformation for a great

Thanksgiving Basket of Plenty

Thanksgiving Kitchen Centerpiece

Basket of Plenty for the Kitchen   What says Thanksgiving better than a large basket filled with Fall beauties such as pumpkins and gourds?…It’s a Thanksgiving basket! A basket of plenty! A little over a year ago I purchased this great basket from Arhaus. I have always loved the unique size and shape of this beautiful basket.…

A Truly Bountiful Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving Table

How to Create a Beautiful Thanksgiving Table  When we think of Thanksgiving, one thing that immediately enters our mind is the Thanksgiving meal and inevitably the Thanksgiving table. We all want a beautiful Thanksgiving table in which our friends and family can admire and enjoy as we gather together to celebrate this wonderful holiday.…

Thanksgiving Treats & Fall Fun Link Party

Thanksgiving Table

Welcome to the   Thanksgiving Treats and Fall Fun Link Party!   November is here and that means Thanksgiving is right around the corner, so it is the perfect time to share all your delicious Thanksgiving dishes and decor, along with your fun Fall-themed treats and projects. Help get us inspired!…

Fall Front Porch Beauty

Fall Front Porch

Loving My Fall Front Porch In the quest for a beautiful Fall front porch, I decided it was time to make my annual trek in search of the perfect pumpkins. In years past, our family would all venture to the local pumpkin patch and each child would choose their pumpkin. Sadly, this year no one wanted to pick a pumpkin…I knew the day would come

Fall in Love with Your Tabletop

Fall Tablescape

Tabletops to “Fall” in Love With When I say fall in love with your table, I don’t mean fall in LOVE with your table. I mean FALL in love with your table, as in Fall Decor! Make your Fall tabletops beautiful! Last week, I showed you my “Leaf Wreath,” in which I had moved my flower arrangement from my dining room table to my sideboard,

Trick or Treat with a Twist

Trick or Treat Tub

 Trick or Treat…Bats go…eek! I have had a plain orange metal tub for years. I’m sure you all have something very similiar. I think I got it at Walmart many moons ago. We’ve used it for everything from holding our trick or treat candy to bobbing for apples. It’s a great size and it’s orange, so naturally it’s perfect for Halloween festivities.…

Fall Decor at “My House”

Slider S

  Fall Mantel & Tablescape   It’s September! Can you believe it?!?! Countdown to Fall…time to decorate our space with our Fall Decor. Which means money! But, don’t forget…school just started. Which means money! Let’s try to save some money! Dig out some of your old pumpkins, ribbon, etc and let’s get to work!…