Twirl & Take a Bow Party – #123

Christmas Themed Features

 Christmas is getting closer and closer! The entire month of December has went by so fast and the holiday season has really thrown me for a loop. It’s been crazy trying to get everything done in time. But while we wait for the big day, we still have time to link up and party at the Twirl & Take a Bow Party.  

DIY Urchin Christmas Ornament

DIY Urchin Christmas Ornament

Have you ever had a particular image in your mind? Maybe an idea for a look or style that you wanted… Like that perfect Christmas tree covered with gorgeous handmade snowflakes. You guessed it…that was the image I had in my mind when I began planning my holiday decor this year. I could see it…

Christmas Home Tour 2014 – Home for the Holidays

Christmas Decor 2014-Featured Image

I’m so excited to be sharing my Christmas Home Tour for 2014 and to be joining a group of other bloggers in the Home for the Holidays blog tour. Throughout the month of December, I’ve been sharing bits and pieces of my Christmas Decor with some tips and tutorials to go along with them. Today, I’m sharing everything…from the front door to the top of the tree.

Christmas Chalkboard Made From a Mirror

Christmas Chalkboard

There are trends that everyone just absolutely loves. There are also trends that are classic and look great in a variety of decor. Such as, the chalkboard trend. It’s been around for a while and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere… Why would it? It’s great. Whatever style of home you have, you can make a chalkboard work.

Twirl & Take a Bow Party – #122

Party Feature

How’s it going? I’m not sure about you, but the holiday season has really snuck up on me! This past Sunday, I hosted a Christmas party for the ladies at my church. About three days before that, it dawned on me…”the party is THIS Sunday!” Talk about getting in gear with party planning and decorating…what a weekend!

DIY Photo Collage Christmas Wreath

DIY Photo Collage Christmas Wreath Featured Image

One of my favorite projects of all time is the set of DIY Photo Collage Letters that I created for my daughter’s graduation party. I wanted to have a photo board at the party, but I wanted something different and special. It was perfect for her party, which lead me to the idea of using the same concept in my Christmas decor.  

The First Party of December

Can you believe it’s December 1st?! Time has flown by this year… And now it’s time for another Twirl & Take a Bow Party. It’s the first party of December and my co-host Lesley from Chaotically Creative had the honor of picking the features this week. Let’s take a peek at her favorites….

DIY Basket Christmas Tree Skirt

DIY Basket Christmas Tree Skirt-2

Have you ever had a dream? Specifically a dream about having the perfect decorative piece for your home. I’m talking about the one thing that would make the room complete. Or the one simple thing that would be ideal…if you could only find it. I’m referring to the absolute…without a doubt…best tree skirt for my Christmas tree.

How to Make Tassel Christmas Ornaments

Tassel Ornament Featured Picture

Some of my favorite Christmas ornaments are the ones that are handmade. Hallmark ornaments are gorgeous and the personalized ones from the mall are so cute, but nothing beats the paper tree or the pine cone reindeer that my littles ones made. I hang them lovingly on the tree each year, because they are more precious to me than any others we have.

Excited for Thanksgiving & the Party

Party Feautres

Get Updated When House on the Way Has A New Post. Subscribe by email   Are you as excited about Thanksgiving as I am? My kids are coming home, the menu is planned and the refrigerator is stocked. This is the one time of the year when I go all out when it comes to cooking.  We have so many sides, there is usually not