Christmas Swan Art

Christmas Swan Art

Christmas Swan-a-Swimming   In the Twelve Days of Christmas, there are seven swans-a-swimming…at my house there’s only one! Do you remember my DIY swan art that I made from plywood? I love it and wanted to dress it up for Christmas! I decided that any self-respecting swan would wear a ring of garland trimmed with red berries around the holidays.…

Christmas Advent Calendar Idea

Advent Calendar collage

Take-Out Box Christmas Advent Calendar From childhood, I have always loved a Christmas advent calendar. I remember my mother getting the boxed calendars with the little punch-out doors. I saw one at Michael’s yesterday. It brought back fond memories. I always loved opening the little door to find the chocolate surprise!…

“Twine” Time Star

Twine Star

Twine Transformation   A couple of days ago I showed you my Christmas Corner Cabinet and on the door I displayed a twine star. Several weeks ago I purchased an ugly metal star at Tractor Supply for $4.99. The only reason I bought it was that it was a great deal.…

Santa’s Mason Jar Belt

Santa's Belt Mason Jar

Ho-Ho-Ho   It’s just about that time! Christmas is right around the corner and in this house…we love Santa! Two years ago, I started decorating around the theme of Santa’s belt. I know you’ve all seen the mugs, candles and ornaments. They have them everywhere! I usually try to buy anything and everything that is “Santa’s belt.” That can get expensive.…

Stenciled Boxes

Stenciled Boxes

Fun to Label!   Storage is a precious commodity around this house and with stencils, paint, paintbrushes, needles and thread, I had to find a great way to organize and store everything. So, on this Day 7 of the 31 Days to a beautiful home, I re-invented some storage boxes that had been in my son’s room.…

Ruffle Some Feathers

Wood Swan Sign

Get Updated When House on the Way Has A New Post. Subscribe by email.   ~Stunning Swan~   For about a year, I have kept a picture in my phone of a wooden sign with a painted swan. I found it at Coastal Living magazine’s website and  have been intending to make my own version one day.…

I’m A Benchwarmer

~Bench Makeover~   Many years ago, I became the recipient of a church pew that was no longer needed by my home congregation. We were adding on to our building and getting new pews. It’s not an antique. At the time, it was probably about 20 years old. It was a basic oak colored pew that had been painted a mauve color by someone years