Sweaters Can Do More Than Keep You Warm!

Just Say Cable Knit…


Have you noticed the sweater trend in home decor? If you haven’t…you will. Sweater home decor is everywhere!

I think it all started with throws…then pillows…then…just about everything you can imagine! Obviously, they are a Fall/Winter decor item because they scream warmth and coziness!

Look at these great examples that I found at Target.

Sweater Home Decor

The sweater trees are so cute! They would be perfect for Christmas, but you could use them throughout winter.

Sweater Home Decor

I love this sweater pillow! The red trim with buttons add so much to the overall look.

Sweater Home Decor

What an adorable red star! This is made to hang, but wouldn’t it be so awesome as a tree topper?!?!?!

Sweater Home Decor

Another great sweater pillow! I love the pom-poms on the corners!

I think the great thing about all these examples is that you can create them yourself! If you can make a pillow…you can make a sweater pillow! All you need for the sweater trees are some styrofoam cones, an old sweater and some spray adhesive. The star can be made using a metal or cardboard star. You should be able to find all the materials you need at your local craft store. Goodwill is the best place for a great cable knit sweater.

These are some great home decor items that you could make for very little money! They would also make a great gift! Just use your imagination and an old sweater and voila!

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