Stenciled Curtains for the Dorm Room


~DIY Stenciled Curtains made from a Twin Sheet~


*This post is sponsored by Royal Design Studio. I received products for this project, but all opinions are mine.

Today I’m recovering from a weekend of moving two kids into the dorm. What a weekend! Between carrying loads of boxes, bags, clothes and a mini frig…and making multiple runs to the store for supplies, I’m exhausted…but happy to say that everyone is moved-in, unpacked, fully stocked with supplies and living areas are beautifully decorated.

I’m excited to share some pictures of my daughter’s dorm. She’s loving her space. This year, she has her own room. She does have suite-mates, but luckily she has her own private space to call her own. This allowed us to have complete creative control over her room, including adding some DIY Stenciled Curtains…

Stenciled Curtains for the Dorm Cover Photo

When I had the opportunity to try the Step Up Triangles Stencil from Royal Design Studio, I jumped at the chance and knew the design would look fabulous on curtains.

Stenciled Curtains

With the price of attending college being what it is, it’s really important to think frugally when you’re planning the decor for the dorm. Therefore, I decided to use a twin sheet for the curtains. It’s an affordable option for fabric for such a small project.

For the paint, I used the Royal Design Stencil Creme in Flat Black and applied it with their 1 1/2 ” stencil brush. Let me say that the stencil creme is really great. It’s very pigmented and nice to work with. I also fell in love with the stencil brush. It’s a nice thick brush that holds a lot of paint.

Stenciled Curtains

My first step for this project was to cut the curtain in half. The twin sheet measured 72″ x 96″. I decided to cut it down the middle. This allowed me to have three finished edges and I only had to hem one side of each curtain panel. To create the pocket for the curtain rod, I turned the top edge over and sewed along the existing seam at the top of the sheet.

stenciled curtains

To start my stencil, I placed it at the top of the sheet, directly under the folded edge. I used clips to hold the stencil to the fabric.

stenciled Curtains

To plan out the design, I kept in mind that the finished edge would be the “inside” edge of each panel. My hemmed edge would be the outside edge of the panel, when they were hung.

stenciled Curtains

I started by dabbing my brush into the stencil creme and then blotting the excess onto a paper towel. When stenciling, you do not want to overload your brush with paint. I applied the stencil creme in a dabbing motion onto the fabric.

Stenciled  Curtains

This stencil from Royal Design Studio was fabulous to use. The quality of the stencil is great and so easy to work with. Each stencil comes with instructions on how to use it, so that your design is completed flawlessly!

stenciled Curtains

As I continued stenciling, I decided to paint a couple of the triangles with pink since her dorm bedding is black, white and pink. I used some basic acrylic craft paint that I had on hand, for the pink.

Stenciled Curtains

After the first curtain panel was completed, I began working on the second. I did the same process, by simply reversing the design, like the panels were mirrors of each other.

Stenciled  Curtains

These curtains were so easy to make. Using a sheet worked out great! I only had to worry about creating one hem and the fabric was lightweight, which was good because we needed to use Command Hooks to hold the curtains up. Since we couldn’t drill holes in the wall, we had to get a little creative when we started hanging and mounting anything in the dorm.

Stenciled Dorm Curtains

I used the Command Hooks that hold 5 lbs for the “brackets” and a dowel for the curtain rod. I also glued a small PVC plumbing cap on the ends of the dowel, to act as finials, to help keep the rod from moving off of the hooks.

Dorm Curtains-15

The stenciled curtains give her dorm room the perfect finishing touch! I love the pops of pink on the black and white curtains. They coordinate perfectly with her bedding and dorm decor.


Dorm Curtains-32

Dorm Curtains-13

Love the stencil from Royal Design Studio that I used for this project…plus I have another upcoming project in which I’ll be incorporating it into, so stay tuned…

PS. Keep an eye out for Wednesday…I’ve got something too cute for words to share…

*A big thanks to Royal Design Studio for sponsoring today’s post. All opinions are 100% mine! 


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  1. Dot says

    Great idea, She is lucky to have such a great mom. Thanks for sharing your ideas. It gives me ideas for my twin grandsons when they get their own rooms.

  2. says

    I LOVE these so much! I love the tribal design and colors you used and I doubt I will ever go back to buying store bought curtains, I think I’m addicted to making my own these days! You did an amazing job! I so want that stencil you used 🙂

  3. says

    So glad I read your post. What a good idea using a stencil on a sheet. I didn’t know about the stencil brush or the stencil creme! Can’t wait to try a project like this.. BTW- lovin your daughters dorm room!


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