Stenciled Boxes

Fun to Label!


Storage is a precious commodity around this house and with stencils, paint, paintbrushes, needles and thread, I had to find a great way to organize and store everything. So, on this Day 7 of the 31 Days to a beautiful home, I re-invented some storage boxes that had been in my son’s room. I found these great wooden boxes at Lowe’s years ago for $1.50 each! They were on massive clearance!Stenciled Boxes

The first step was a fresh paint job with a new color. I used Valspar’s Black spray paint in Satin. Here are the new black boxes in my new striped bookcase. They were quick and easy to spray paint, giving them a brand new look.Stenciled Boxes

They were better, but boring! They needed a little pizazz!

I decided to do a little stenciling, labeling each box. I decided on “paint, craft, sew and create.”

My favorite font for stenciling is Lucinda Calligraphy. From Microsoft word, I printed each label using the font in size 150. I then used an exacto knife to cut out the stencil using contact paper. Stenciled Boxes

I used the same paint that I used for the stripes on the bookcase, so they coordinate perfectly. I think the stenciled boxes are so cute! Much better and fun!

Stenciled Boxes

They now hold all my sewing, craft and painting supplies. The “create” box holds misc. tools, etc. I really like them. The stenciled boxes are quick and easy to grab, allowing me to have anything I need in an instant.

This was an easy update that created a WOW statement!

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