Stacking Objects in Home Decor

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~One on Top of Another~


Today’s 10 Minute Touch-ups has to do with aesthetics…

Let’s talk about stacking. We’re not going to “stack the deck”…we are totally talking about stacking objects in home decor.

Stacking Objects

When you stack or layer objects in your home decor, it creates height, texture and interest…and it’s easy!

One of the best places to start is with books. You want them to be similar in size, shape, style and color, but they do not have to be identical by any means. You want cohesiveness with variety. In the photo above, I have stacked three books that are similar in size and have a similar theme. They really seem to belong together.

I’ve also done the same thing in my master bedroom, with my armoire. I’ve chosen to stack four books that are similar in size and they all reflect around travel.

Master Bedroom Tour

Once your books are stacked, you can then add either 1 or 2 more layers. In the first picture, I layered the books with a gold box and a gold arrowhead. They are both metallic and work well with the books. In the bottom picture, I simply added a raffia ball and a small antique bowl (which is hidden in the picture).

You want to also be sure that the objects you layer are compatible in size. For example, the books are large, the box is smaller and the arrowhead is smallest. You wouldn’t want anything too large on top of the box, which would make the arrangement seem off balance.


Keep your stacking simple, yet cohesive and proportionate. It’s an easy update that can be finish in 10 minutes or less! Grab some of your favorite pieces and books and start layering!

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