Red is my Signature Color

For the Love of Red


What can I say?  I LOVE red!  It’s one of those colors that “you either love it or you hate it.”  And that’s ok.  We have a choice.  I just usually choose red…

That’s not to say that I bathe my walls in red or have wall to wall red carpet.  I do however have a gorgeous red and cream damask print sofa from C.R. Laine.  It makes me smile just to look at it…

red sofa

The fabric is called Aubrey Red. I absolutely love the red trim on the skirt. It adds such detail. It has English arms, which are more traditional, and loose back cushions. I prefer loose back cushions because you are able to flip them occasionally so that do not start to sag or become misshaped.

red sofa

I think every home should have some red.  Even if it’s just a bowl of red apples like these from Pottery Barn.

Vase Filler

Red is fun and lively.  It stands out and says, “See Me!”  I like that…

What do you think?  RED ~ Do you love it or hate it?


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  1. debbie johnson says:

    What a great blog!! So excited to follow you and see all of your inspiring ideas!

  2. Thank you! I’m so excited you like it!

  3. i adore red, it is also my colour… I gravitate towards red always, in clothes, art and furniture…. great blog xx Cat

  4. Red is my favorite color and in fact our bedroom sheets are only red and red-black. Also our shower curtain, rag and vases are all in color red I hope I could show it you. Anyway you have a great taste in combining colors.

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