Red is my Signature Color

~Red in Home Decor~


What can I say?  I LOVE red!  It’s one of those colors that you either love or hate.  And that’s ok.  We have a choice.  I just usually choose red…

That’s not to say that I bathe my walls in red or have wall to wall red carpet, but I will show you how I use red in home decor.

Take for example, my gorgeous red and cream damask print sofa from C.R. Laine.  It makes me smile just to look at it…

red sofa

The fabric is called Aubrey Red. I absolutely love the red trim on the skirt. It adds such detail. It has English arms, which are more traditional, and loose back cushions. I prefer loose back cushions because you are able to flip them occasionally so that do not start to sag or become misshaped.

red sofa

I think every home should have some red.  Even if it’s just a bowl of red apples like these from Pottery Barn.

Vase Filler

Red is fun and lively.  It stands out and says, “See Me!”  I like that…

What do you think?  RED ~ Do you love it or hate it?

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    Red is my favorite color and in fact our bedroom sheets are only red and red-black. Also our shower curtain, rag and vases are all in color red I hope I could show it you. Anyway you have a great taste in combining colors.

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