Pottery Perfection

Perfect Pottery Placement

Makes Me Smile


I arrange…

I re-arrange…

I stand back…


and smile.

It’s that moment when I like it.

I’ve arranged it just right.

The perfect placement of your favorite pieces will give your home character and warmth. It will give you satisfaction. The satisfaction that your home speaks to you. It says your home is welcoming and happy. It says your home is beautiful. You have put love and thought into the haven that is your home.

home decor

Some of my favorite items to use in my home are pottery pieces. I love the old mixed with the new. I use my antique bowls and my Longaberger pottery together.


I love the mix of colors. The bright red apples are great with the yellows, blues and greens.

bowl of apples

I love the simplicity of my white rooster. He makes a statement. It’s a fresh and clean statement.


I love the mix of texture. It adds interest.


I love the memory each piece provides. The memory of a bowl that was a gift from a friend or a crock found at a favorite antique store.


I love to use pottery in my home decor.

I like to arrange it…

I like to re-arrange it…

I like to stand back…


and smile.

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  1. says

    Very nice your old ladies! They are all full of character and their silent stories are priceless.
    For some reason a sense of satisfaction fills me when I pull out old dishes and use them to decorate with and even place fruits and vegetables in them. I can feel how they want to tell me “thank you”, thanks you for seeing the value and beauty in me…
    Beautiful photos!!


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