Perfect Painted Stripes and Office Update

~Another Painted Feature Wall~


I have to admit it…

I change my mind…a lot!

My latest project re-do is the feature wall in my home office/craft room. If you remember, I originally stenciled this design on that wall. But, I just have to admit that I was never really satisfied with not only the design, but the wall color as well. I felt like the design of the stencil competed too much with my curtains.

So…I made a change….and

I love it!

Perfect Painted Stripes

The stripes are so much better! Simple but striking!

I repainted the entire room with Valspar’s Du Jour and chose Valspar’s Woodlawn Colonial Gray for the stripes. It’s a great gray!

~Get Perfect Painted Stripes~


After researching tips from other bloggers that have accomplished perfectly painted stripes, I too found the secret!

The first thing to do is some calculations. My wall is 9 ft tall. I decided to make each stripe 12 inches. When your calculations are ready, grab your painter’s tape.

Obviously, you need to make sure your taped stripes are perfectly straight. I used a level to create my pencil marks. Once my pencil marks were made, I made sure my tape lined up with them.

Perfect Painted Stripes

Another thing to keep in mind is that you will want to pay attention to whether your tape goes above or below the pencil marks. For example, for the gray stripes, the tape will be above the top pencil line and below the bottom line. This will give you the full 12 inches of a gray stripe. So, the tape will sit inside the white stripe…Does that make sense? Just be sure you have a full 12 inches of each stripe.

The next secret is to paint over the tape line with the base color. This seals the tape edge, creating a barrier so that the stripe color will not seep under the tape.

~Base Color~


Perfect Painted Stripes

~Stripe Color~


Perfect Painted Stripes

~Perfect Stripes~


Perfect Painted Stripes

Be sure to remove the tape before the paint is completely dry and be sure to pull slowly, toward the paint.

Perfect Painted Stripes

I am so in love with my new feature wall and I can’t wait to share some other projects I’m working on in my home office/craft room. I’m already enjoying the room so much more with my new stripes!

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    Susan Martin says

    Soooo want to do this on a wall in my sewing room/husband’s office!! ( Can you imagine having to share?) Might make it more bearable!! Thanks for the inspiration!


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