Paint Splattered Easter Eggs


~A Fun Take on Easter Eggs~


As my kids get older, I begin to miss some of our family traditions that we engaged in when they were younger. One of those long-lost traditions is coloring eggs.

My kids LOVED to color eggs. We always did it the old-fashioned way…with PAAS dye kits…(old-fashioned for us!)

They loved everything about it, from the dissolving color tablets to the color stained fingers.

But alas, as they get older they begin to lose interest in turning those plain white eggs into a fabulous colorful piece of Easter art.

I miss those days…

So when I started playing around with some plastic eggs, I found a fun craft that I think older kids would really enjoy. Plus, it gives them Easter eggs that are fitting for their age…paint splattered Easter eggs…

Plastic Paint Splattered Easter Eggs

My first step was to separate the eggs and lay the pieces out on Kraft paper. They are much easier to paint when they are sitting flat.

Paint Splattered Easter Eggs 5

I used several colors of Patio Paint from DecoArt to create my designs. They come in bright colors and work well on a plastic surface.

Paint Splattered Easter Eggs 6

To create my splatter pattern on the eggs, I loaded a small craft brush with paint and “flicked” it against my hand. This caused the paint to splatter and fly in a random pattern on the eggs. It can get messy, so prepare your surface and protect the surrounding areas from flying paint.

Paint Splattered Easter Eggs 8

I worked with one color at a time, allowing the paint to fall where it may and create colorful layers. You can go as heavy or as light as you want with the paint.

Paint Splattered Easter Eggs 7

Allow the paint to dry completely before moving the egg halves and placing them back together. Some of the paint might peel away at the edges. Just handle them carefully.

Paint Splattered Easter Eggs 4

They are fun and colorful, making them perfect for my daughter’s bedroom. Adding some Easter decor that’s age appropriate for her is great way to help her embrace the holiday.

Paint Splattered Easter Eggs 1

This is an awesome project to do with your older children. It’s messy and creative, which most kids absolutely love!

Paint Splattered Easter Eggs 2

The colors of the eggs and the paint coordinate beautifully with her existing bedroom decor. Using the tiered tray is a unique way to display them…much different than the typical Easter basket.

Paint Splattered Easter Eggs

If you’re like me…with a house full of teenagers…try to set up a new Easter tradition. Give them a cool, updated way to create some beautiful Easter eggs to fill their baskets!

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