• 12 Tips for College Move-In Day
  • Las Vegas, Baby!
  • How to Scrapbook with the Project Life App
  • Our Visit to Hoover Dam and Route 66
  • Visiting the Grand Canyon

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12 Tips for College Move-In Day

Over the weekend, I experienced college move-in day for the seventh time. My third child headed to college Saturday, moving in to his new dorm. As a parent, I realize that it's hard to send your child to college, in more ways than one, including the real move-in day. It is exhausting and can be a stressful long day if you're not ready. Since I consider myself a seasoned pro, I decided to share my ... continue reading...

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Las Vegas, Baby!

Here we go...Today I'm sharing day 3 and 4 of our West Coast Road Trip. It all started with the Grand Canyon and then on to Hoover Dam via Route 66. Once our sight-seeing in hundred degree heat was finished, we headed to Vegas for a little fun. They say "what happens in Vegas...stays in Vegas," but let's be honest...when you're traveling with your kids, that type of Vegas just doesn't happen. ... continue reading...

How to scrapbook with the Project Life App from houseontheway.com

How to Scrapbook with the Project Life App

I'm going to admit it. I have a new obsession. And with me...when I find something to obsess over...I really obsess... Let me introduce the Project Life App...a.k.a. my new obsession. The Project Life App is an extension of the ever favorite Project Life Scrapbook Kits and supplies. It has taken the idea of Project Life and made it even easier. It's total scrapbooking with your phone! This ... continue reading...

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Our Visit to Hoover Dam and Route 66

Earlier this week, I shared a little of our west coast road trip, specifically the Grand Canyon. Today, I want to share some highlights from Day 2 of our trip. It all started on Route 66, as we headed toward the Hoover Dam. We began the day by having breakfast at the Pine Country Restaurant, which we found on Trip Advisor. It had a high rating and was considered a favorite by many.  We ... continue reading...

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Visiting the Grand Canyon

This summer is passing by in a whirlwind and I know I've been MIA around the blog lately. It feels like I haven't had a moment to stop and breathe, much less sit down and write a blog post...but I'm excited to share one of the highlights from the beginning of our summer. For years, we have talked about taking a west coast road trip, specifically to see the Grand Canyon. So finally, at the end ... continue reading...