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I’m going to confess something….

I’m a bit of a jewelry hoarder.

Organizing Jewelry

While I don’t have any of my hot pink plastic “Madonna” bangles from the 80s, I may definitely have some a piece or two from the late 90s.

I have this bad of habit of thinking to myself…”What if it comes back in style?” I always hate when…inevitably…something does come back in style and I have gotten rid of it from the first go around.

But is it better to hold onto that bracelet with the spikes or the chandelier earrings that grace the top of the shoulder?

After looking at this mess of a jewelry drawer, I think not…

Organizing Jewelry

While I love my jewelry drawer with its divided compartments, the problem is that everything seems to get jumbled together. I decided to take it one step further with these little glass dishes that I picked up last weekend at a flea market. I think the most expensive one was $.50.

Organizing Jewelry

They are each a different size and shape, which I love because it adds such character. I used each dish to hold specific types of jewelry such as hoop earrings, pearl bracelets, etc.

Organizing Jewelry

I think we all have some “go to” earrings. I grouped all of my favorites into one of the small round dishes.

Organizing Jewelry

While I was organizing my favorite pieces of jewelry, I also took the time to purge! I decided that if I hadn’t worn a piece in over a year, it needed to go. But even with my purging, I still had more jewelry than would fit in my dishes, so I organized the extras in the drawer, until I can pick up some more small dishes.

Organizing Jewelry

The jewelry drawer holds earrings, pins and bracelets, but my favorite jewelry organizational tool is the one I used for my necklaces…

Organizing Jewelry

I found two of these towel racks at Hobby Lobby. As you can see, they fit perfectly in the space between two areas of my closet. I spaced them so that I can still reach the top rack of necklaces, which holds the shorter strands. The bottom rack holds the longer necklaces.

Organizing Jewelry

The necklaces are held on the rack with shower curtain S hooks that I found at Walmart. I made sure to match the finish of the hooks with the towel racks.

Organizing Jewelry

It’s so much better when the jewelry is organized. You can actually see what you have to choose from! It’s amazing. I found pieces of jewelry that I’d forgotten I had!

Organizing Jewelry

Using small dishes  is a great way to divide and organize your jewelry. You can use a drawer or a tray to hold your dishes and jewelry items. Hanging your necklaces or displaying your jewelry in pretty dishes can also act as decorative pieces in your dressing area.

Take a moment, organize your jewelry and get rid of those neon green hoop earrings from high school…

If you’d like another great idea for organizing your jewelry, check out this idea for necklace storage that I used in my daughter’s room.

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  1. Dianne says

    Love this. Building a home this year and totally plan to do this in my master closet. Hadn’t thought of using towel racks though.

  2. says

    Leslie, I LOVE all these ideas…the little bowls (especially one with the “go to earrings”) are genius. And how lucky to have found those towel racks at Hobby Lobby w/the S hooks from Wal Mart! You’ve definitely inspired me today!

  3. Linda Baird says

    I love this idea and I have so many small dishes from all over the world so this will just be perfect.

  4. Nikki says

    Thank you for the jewelry towel rack idea!!! It was so easy to hang and my jewelry looks great on it!!! Thanks!!!

  5. says

    Some really clever ideas here. Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best ones. Now I just need the inspiration and motivation to set aside a day to actually tackle my jewelry mess. 🙂

  6. Kim says

    Love this! I went to hobby lobby and got the wrought iron towel racks. So where did you find the red velvet jewelry drawer? Thanks, Kim

  7. Amanda says

    Oh my goodness- thank you SO much for this idea!! A lot of the ones on pinterest are cute, but not very practical. This one is both! Easy to attach, easy to detach, and you can slide them and reorder them however you like! I hope Hobby Lobby still has these, or something like them!

  8. says

    More than wearing my jewelry, I love to see them organized on my compartment I had got made specifically for collection. I like keeping it shining and showcasing it to my friends. I don’t consider that vanity, rather a hobby that I love.

  9. Sheila says

    Hi, I was trying to sign up for e-mail updates, but kept getting a message that the page was unavailable or that “You’re not lost. Your taking the scenic route. Get me out of here”. Could you help me? I love your blog! And I want to subscribe! Thanks! Sheila

    • says

      I just put in an email to the customer service at the service provider. Hopefully it will be fixed by tomorrow! I’ll give you a heads up when it is, because I’d love to have you subscribe.

  10. Dee says

    Do you know the brand or link to the shower curtain hooks you found? I have searched all over but can’t seem to find any similar.


    • says

      I found mine at Walmart. They were Better Homes and Gardens. I went to get more recently and couldn’t find the exact ones I used. I did find just basic S hooks at Walmart.

  11. D Johnson says

    Quick hint: I used plastic deviled egg dishes I found at the Dollar store! They work great for earrings in the “egg” part and bracelets in the middle. 🙂 Can paint them on the backside to resemble sunflowers, etc. to match your décor, so they look cute sitting on top a dresser! 🙂

  12. says

    Love the towel rack idea! I went to Hobby Lobby’s website and ordered two! Can hardly wait to dig out all my necklaces (that are still packed away from several moves)! Now I will have a place to keep them where I can see them! Thanks for sharing! 🙂


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