Old Fashion Christmas Bulb Ornament

Old Fashion Christmas Bulb Ornaments


Last week I had the honor to guest post at Havoc-to-Heaven! It was an honor to be able to share a Christmas craft with Missi’s readers and today I wanted to share it with mine!

It’s a quick, easy Christmas craft…Old Fashion Christmas Bulb Ornaments. You remember those great big bulbs that your grandmother used to have on her tree? They were bright and fun! I thought they would make a great ornament for the Christmas tree and this is a fun craft that you can do with your kids.

Christmas bulb ornament craft

The only supplies you need are candelabra lightbulbs, spray adhesive, ribbon and glitter! I purchased my bulbs at the Dollar Tree. Each package had two bulbs. That’s a great deal!

Christmas Ornament Craft

Spray each bulb with spray adhesive and insert the bulb into a cup holding the glitter. It’s a great way to completely cover the bulb with glitter.

Christmas ornament craft

Once the bulb is completely covered with glitter and the adhesive is dry, you can use ribbon to create the ornament hanger and cover the treads at the top of the bulb. I found that hot glue was the best adhesive for the ribbon. I also added some glitter at the top of the bulb, but you could also create a cute bow with the ribbon to cover the top. The bow would give the ornament a little added dimension.

Christmas bulb ornament craft

Christmas bulb ornament craft

This craft was quick and easy! Of course, the glitter is a bit messy but they look so cute!

Christmas bulb ornament craft

I hope this craft gives you some ideas and inspiration to get your Christmas decorations ready for the season!

Happy Holidays!

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