Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall! What Should I Do With You???

So a couple of days ago, I promised to show you the great mirror I grabbed at Restore for $45. I love it! It is large (it weighs a ton!) It’s also very unique.

I have spent weeks trying to figure out what to do with it. I knew where I wanted to put it, I just wasn’t sure what I should do to it, to give it that extra spark!

My plan is to put the mirror above this bench, which we discussed in this post. I love the 3 rings interlacing…sort of reminds me of the Olympics…

It’s currently a gold color and the frame is actually plastic. It has the three large mirrors and two small mirrors in the center. The center mirrors have turned black.

My first question…What to do with the two sections that are turning black?!?!?!? It’s very obvious and doesn’t look good. I definitely can go get two mirrors cut to replace them, but I’d rather not put any more money into it than I must. So…

I decided to get moving. First, I took the mirror apart. I threw around some ideas and came up with a plan! I’ve worked on it today. In fact, I’m still officially working on it…

I don’t want to tell you what I’m doing…I want to show you. So tomorrow I will reveal the final product. Hopefully, it will be awesome. (Let’s keep our fingers crossed.) You all know that the best laid plans don’t always work out…

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