No Mess Painting with Paintstick EZ Twist

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*Thanks to HomeRight for my new paint tool. All opinions are 100% mine. 

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Have you ever had a paint spill? A really bad one…like feet stomping, tears flowing, arms flailing paint spill?

If you haven’t, you’re lucky. When my daughter was little, I decided to paint her bedroom. I picked up the can of paint and dropped it!

Pink paint flowed out of the can onto the off-white carpet. It was horrible, but through tear filled eyes, I worked and worked until I got it cleaned up.

Once I was finished, I stood in the room and channeled Scarlett O’Hara as I vowed, “As God is my witness, I’ll never drop a can of paint again!”

Accidents happen and you can always be careful, but what if you had an awesome tool to use, to give you no-mess paint painting?

When I started thinking about my laundry room makeover, I knew a new coat of paint was a must. HomeRight was gracious enough to send me their Paintstick EZ Twist and Mini Paintstick to try.

No Mess Painting

While attending the Haven Conference in July, I stopped by the HomeRight booth for a little Paintstick demonstration and knew I needed it. They showed me how easy and mess-free it was to use.

One of my favorite features is the paint can cover with fill tube. It makes the no mess painting possible.

no mess painting

You simply pop the can cover on the can of paint.

no mess painting

The Paintstick draws paint directly from the can using the valve on top.

no mess painting

no mess painting

The paint literally flows into the Paintstick by pulling and twisting the handle. I was amazed as the paint filled the tube and completely stunned when I removed it from the fill tube to find no paint anywhere!

no mess painting

Using the Paintstick to paint is like using a regular roller. The only difference being that the paint is in the handle. To begin painting, the handle is twisted in a clockwise direction. The paint is feed into the perforated roller cover. When the paint saturates the roller cover, you’re ready to paint.

no mess painting

The Paintstick also comes with a snap-on shield to help protect your floors and ceilings from paint splatter.

no mess painting

There are two recommendations that I would give, based on my experience.

  • I took a break from painting, wrapped the roller in a plastic bag and leaned the paint stick against the wall, with the roller on the floor. When I came back, some paint had pooled into the roller and when I went to use the Paintstick again, I had some paint pour out of the roller. I’m assuming that it would have been better if I had placed the roller up instead of on the floor when I took a break from painting.
  • I would also recommend that you are sure the paint has been completely removed from the paint stick and the roller before taking it apart. I did have some paint drip out of the roller because I didn’t empty the roller well enough.

Just a couple of things that I learned while using the Paintstick, based on how I used it.

I found the Paintstick to be easy to use and was so impressed with the no mess filling of the paint. Not having to pour the paint was great and no paint tray or liner to worry about was a big plus. As with any painting tools and brushes, clean up took some time. The pieces of the paint stick need to be taken apart to be cleaned.

While painting my laundry room walls, I realized that the Paintstick made the job easier and faster. It’s a great product and makes painting a no-mess job. It’s makes me and my inner Scarlett very happy!

*Thanks to HomeRight for my new paint tool. All opinions are 100% mine.
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    That is one cool gadget! It’s so messy rolling and rolling and rolling again. I can see this seriously shortening some DIY efforts… and more time to enjoy a coffee staring at my beautiful new walls. 🙂


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