Meet Lily, Our Portuguese Water Dog

Sometimes in life you make rash decisions. It seems like my husband and I make them a lot. We are the people who wake up and say, “let’s go to Florida next weekend”…and we go. We’ve always been like that, so when we were sitting at dinner one night discussing getting another dog, I should have known it was a done deal. At that moment our life with a Portuguese Water Dog began.

Meet Lily

Portuguese Water Dog

After Christmas, our family was sitting around the dinner table discussing our toy poodle Charlie and how much joy he brought to our lives. We then started talking about what it would be like to have a second dog. That shifted to what type of dog we would like. Then that shifted to finding a breeder, which shifted to contacting the breeder and getting the dog. Literally, within 24 hours we had found a puppy, contacted the breeder and agreed to get her. Spontaneous much?!

We decided on a Portuguese Water Dog for several reasons, one of which is that they are considered hypoallergenic (or at least as hypoallergenic as a dog can be), which means she does not shed. With two people with allergy issues in the house, that was a must.

Portuguese Water Dogs are a medium-sized breed. Having a toy poodle for the last ten years, we thought it would be fun to have a larger dog. They are also a working breed, so they are very active.

Portuguese Water Dog

She definitely keeps Charlie on his toes. He was so confused when we brought her home. He just could not understand why she felt the need to crawl under everything!

portuguese water dog

We are having such fun with her. Sometimes we just sit and laugh at how funny she behaves. We think she is a little OCD…she can not leave her crate or go outside to potty without taking a toy with her. It drives her crazy if she can not find one as soon as she comes out of her crate in the morning. She will go in and out of the crate looking for one. Once, she even found a toy outside the crate…picked it up…walked into the crate…and then back out! Definitely OCD!

And I swear she gets bigger every night! We have had her for 12 weeks and the growth spurt she has had is wild. Of course, we are used to a tiny dog. For us, her growth is amazing.

Here she is at 8 weeks old, the morning after we brought her home… (Isn’t she adorable?!)

portuguese water dog

This is her at 20 weeks… (and the toy!)

portuguese water dog

She can be a handful, but we are loving every minute of it. She has a lot of energy and she bounces through the house like a tornado! It has really been an adventure with two dogs and what has really made it interesting is that they are so different. Charlie is a typical lap dog that loves to snuggle. Lily wants to wrestle and play non stop. They are so cute together and when Charlie gets tired of her bugging him, he lets her know. They have their own repartee going on and we are just along for the ride!

I have also created a blog dedicated specifically to Charlie and Lily and it is written from their point of view. I would love for you to hop over to Charlie Meets Lily and follow along with the wild adventure that is their lives. See what happens with a Toy Poodle meets a Portuguese Water Dog…

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