Math Themed Graduation Party

Another one of my kids is graduating and I’m amazed at how time is flying by. Where has the time gone? It seems like just yesterday he was starting kindergarten. Now he’s heading to college.

But before that step, we had to take the time to celebrate this milestone in his life. Graduating from high school is such a huge step in the road to adulthood. It symbolizes the journey through childhood and adolescence. In a way, it’s the ending of an era.

This is the third of my children to graduate, hence the third graduation party I’ve thrown. For my oldest, we held a movie themed graduation party. He was studying film and btw, he just graduated from college! For my daughter, I planned a Twilight themed party because of her love of the series. The entire party was centered around the books and I used actual pages from the four books in the decorations.

For this party, I wanted to focus on his chosen major…MATH.

Math Themed Graduation Party from A vintage math themed party is perfect for a math major!

For the decorations, I wanted them to have a “vintage school” look. For the materials, I used burlap, chalkboards and metals.

Each table had a centerpiece that consisted of a chalkboard platform covered in math equation graffiti. On top of the platform I placed a burlap wrapped box that was decorated with blue and white twine and letters that spelled MATH. So that each table was unique, I used two different styles of letters.

Math Themed Graduation Party

Each centerpiece included an abacus, metal pail with a ruler and vintage flashcards as well as a vintage math book. On top of each burlap box, I also placed a small chalkboard with either “2015” or “Class of 2015” written with white and blue chalk markers.

Math Themed Graduation Party

In keeping with our vintage theme, I placed simple party favors on each table. Personalized Hershey bars were placed in paper bags that were decorated with the blue and white twine and party tags.

Math Themed Graduation Party

A party is not complete without a cake and this one was fabulous! A local bakery created this masterpiece and it was not only gorgeous, but delicious too.

Math Themed Graduation Party

I wanted it to commemorate the event and still keep with our theme. I think the mix of the MATH book with the cap and diploma are great together.

Math Themed Graduation Party-2

The cake table was also decorated with more MATH decor and a chalkboard graduation subway art designed specifically for the graduate. The metal letters on the table and the subway art coordinated with the metal pails and letters on the tables.

Math Themed Graduation Party

I created the subway art by painting a 24×36 canvas with chalkboard paint. I then added the words onto the canvas by printing the words from my computer, covering the back of the paper with chalk and then tracing the letters with a pen. The outline of the letters were then on the canvas in chalk. I then outlined and colored them with a chalk marker. I love the mix of the blue and the addition of the small metal letters. The metal letters add texture and depth to the canvas.

Math Themed Graduation Party-1

Math Themed Graduation Party

The party was a success and we had a wonderful time celebrating this special occasion with our friends and family. Graduation is such an accomplishment and deserves to be recognized in a fun and exciting way.

Congratulations Class of 2015

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    You made a very creative and beautiful Graduation Party for your son. Love everything you did – so now I will just say Congratulations Andrew on your Graduation – well done and hope you enjoyed your party created by your talented Mum 🙂

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    Hi Leslie – I just wondered if you could advise me why when I make a comment on your posts that the ‘Comment LUV’ – always comes up with saying ‘a feed could not be found at etc. etc. – which is my website and I am not sure why it does this because it is a valid website I have had for years. Not sure if you can advise me why this happens? Thanks for any assistance you can give 🙂

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      I’ve had comment Luv do the exact same thing to me when I’ve tried commenting on other blogs. Not all…just sometimes. I really have no idea why it does that sometimes. Sorry I’m not a lot of help. I think it’s a tweak with the actual app, not your site.

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    Hi Leslie – Thanks for your reply – no worries – I’m glad it’s not just my site. I like being kept up-to-date with what you do, so it will not deter me from looking at your site 🙂