Map Out Your Journey To Fun Decor

Maps make great wall decor. They can be fun, add interest and be used in various ways. They also can be a very inexpensive way to decorate a space. You can easily turn a map into a work of art or use it as a family keepsake to remember a favorite vacation or trip.

DIY Map Wall Art

The use of a map was a perfect choice when I redecorated my youngest son’s room. He loves anything army, but I did not want a room full of green camo, so we compromised and we did blue camo. It worked out perfectly because his bedroom furniture is navy blue and pine.

Blue Camo Boys Bedroom

One problem we faced was that most Army decor is green, not blue. I decided to do a collage wall above his bed, so that I could join some other types of decor. I found some great metal signs, box shelves and a peg board. By the way, the navy shelves are from Target. Only $15.49 for a set of three. They were white and I spray painted them navy.

boys bedroom gallery wall

The wall was still missing a key piece. I decided the wall needed a map. I began looking for something that would say, “I’m the map you need.” I had seen similar pieces of this wooden artwork of the United States at several different stores and online. This particular one is found at Design Turnpike. They do lots of different things with license plates.

I knew it would be so cool in my son’s room, but I wanted something a little different. He already had the square box shelves and rectangle metal signs on his wall and I just really didn’t want such a large, chunky piece of art.

As luck would have it, I found a poster version of the same license plate map. But, I wanted something different…I didn’t want to just hang a poster…I decided to get a little creative.

I purchased a foam board and glued the poster onto it using craft glue. You could also use spray adhesive. Just be careful putting it on, so that there are no bubbles or creases.

Once the poster was smooth and firmly attached, I took an exacto knife and cut through the poster board, along the outline of the continental United States. (Sorry, Alaska and Hawaii)

I hung it on the wall using the same velcro 3M Command Strips picture hanging strips that I used in this post. They are awesome. I use them so often in my home.

It looks so cool because it’s not just a rectangular flat poster. It has a unique outline and a 3 dimensional effect, which helps to give the collage wall a unique look.

map art

Using maps is a fun, inexpensive way to bring some unique decor into your home. They can be used to commemorate a special event that took place in your life. Perhaps you can use one to commemorate the location of where you were married or where your child was born. I’ve used this map to simply bring something fun and colorful into my son’s room. Get creative and use them anyway you want.

At least you will never get lost…

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  1. Vicky says

    Awesome idea. I have wanted one of these for my grandson Ozzie’s room but couldn’t pay the price. Can’t wait to see if I can find the poster.

  2. says

    “Sorry Alaska and Hawaii” Hahahaha… that made me giggle. I love this map. My oldest son is 4 and already super into maps. This came out so nice. It actually looks like real license plates on there.


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