Make Mine a Monogram!

Monogram Mania

Currently, I am totally in love with monograms! It is complete Monogram Mania at my house right now! For some reason, I want to put a monogram on just about everything…not literally…but please, make mine a monogram!

Monograms give something identity. They add interest and flair. They are elegant and classic. They never go out of style. The best things never do!

Look at some of these great monogram craft ideas from Better Homes and Gardens.

Monogram MonogramMonogram

The pink chair with the “S” is gorgeous. It was made with a stencil created from card stock. How easy and cool! The planter was given new life by attaching a small frame onto its face. The “M” was made by glueing faux leaves onto a metal initial. What easy projects that can make something plain into something beautiful!

Just this morning, I decided to give this old ugly door mat some flair…Door Mat

This guy has definitely seen better days! Using the same “stencil” technique that I used for my Burlap Pillows, I created my “S” stencil and broke out the spray paint. I used a mixture of basic black and brown metallic. I layered the paint, ending with the black on top.Monogram

As you can tell, I just taped the paper to the mat and started spraying. I’ll be honest…I didn’t bother making sure that it was perfectly centered. This was a “do it quick and easy” sort of thing! Monogram

It wasn’t perfect, so I added two dots to basically “frame” the initial.Monogram

I think it definitely adds to the entry. It gives it a little something extra.

Not perfect…but not too bad for a rush job! BTW, I was on the phone with my mother when I was doing it! Everyone has to multi-task!

Have a great weekend!


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