How To Make a Chalkboard from a Pane of Glass

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Do you have an extra piece of glass lying around? Maybe you have an old picture frame hidden away somewhere…or maybe you’re like me and you used the frame for a Paper Art project and that left you with a lonesome piece of glass…

What do you do with that piece of glass? You turn it into a chalkboard of course!

chalkboard menu board

With the Thanksgiving holiday approaching, I realized that it was the perfect opportunity for me to create a menu board. What a fun way to greet your guests and get their mouths watering with a list of the delicious fare that awaits them!

chalkboard menu board

Because there isn’t a frame, I used an easel to hold the menu board. I’ve decided to use my Chalkboard menu board on my Welsh Cabinet. It sits right beside my Harvest table in the dining room. I can also use it to hold the dinner plates and serving pieces for Thanksgiving dinner.

chalkboard menu board

chalkboard menu board

Let me share how I created this great project…

I started with my pane of glass and Glass Chalkboard Paint. I love the DecoArt Glass Chalkboard Paint! It’s such a great product.

After I cleaned my glass, I simply painted the glass as I would any other project. I used a craft brush but you could also use a foam roller.

I let the first coat dry completely before I applied more coats. I painted a total of three coats on the glass. It’s important to get complete coverage.

chalkboard menu board

After my last coat was dry, I glued a piece of black foam board on the back of the glass. It was a personal preference, because I wanted to give a little extra support to the glass and to make me fill better when handling it since there is no frame around the edges. I cut the foam board the same size as the pane of glass and glued it on with regular craft glue.

Next, I “seasoned” the chalkboard by rubbing chalk over the entire board vertically and then horizontally. I wiped the board clean with a dry cloth. Seasoning a chalkboard is important because it prevents you from having your first “writings” from staying! You want everything to wipe away clean.

For the edges, I decided to hot glue some gorgeous Fall garland around the perimeter of the glass, to not only cover the glass edge but add a great decorative touch. I found the garland at JoAnn Fabric and Crafts and got a great deal at 60% off!

Chalkboard Menu board

chalkboad menu board

After the garland was attached, I arranged the bittersweet to “frame” the chalkboard.

chalkboard menu board

If you check out Pinterest, you’ll find lots of tutorials on creating amazing designs and cute fonts for your chalkboard. I created my menu using three different fonts on Word, printed them out and to be honest…I just free-handed it by looking at the print-out. There are more sophisticated ways to do it, but at 8:50pm…with The Walking Dead heading my way (the show…not the real thing), I wanted to move a little quicker! But the great thing about a chalkboard is that you can erase and start over! I can sit down and get a little more “perfection” before the real feast commences. Plus, there’s a lot more food to add to that list!

chalkboard menu board

If you have an extra piece of glass lying around, big or small, this makes a great project that will add fun and interest to your holiday meal!

You can also see more of my love for chalkboard paint by checking out my Chalkboard Wall in my craft room and these fun Chalkboard place cards.

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  1. says

    Beautiful what you’ve done☺️. Would love to be able to write as pretty and neat as yours,, mine just skips and’s the trick to the fluidity…and how do you keep from smudging what you’ve already Tips??? Thanks☺️

    • says

      Thanks Vickie! A couple of tricks…you can sharpen your chalk with a pencil sharpener. I use one of the little plastic school sharpeners that you can get at the dollar store. Just be sure it has an opening for a large pencil. That’s the one the chalk will fit in. Also, after you sharpen it, dip it in water. Just a quick dip. The water will make the chalk very light when you first apply it, but it dries bright white and less flaky. Hope that helps!

  2. says

    The orange berries look fabulous on the chalkboard. The black just makes it pop. I wish I could print as well as you do on a chalkboard.

  3. Susan Martin says

    I just made a menu board from a piece of wood I had but now I’ll have to add the berries!! It looked naked and I was having one of those DUH moments where I couldn’t come up with an idea. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  4. says

    Leslie this turned out beautifully! I never knew there was glass chalkboard paint! SWEET! I can’t wait to get some? do you know which stores carry this paint?

  5. says

    What a great idea! I just bought chalk board paint and I am excited to do something with it!!I would too love to add character to my chalk board like yours.Thanks for inspiration.

  6. says

    Hi Leslie. I <3 your menu board. Pinned! Included a link to your post in my post:)

  7. Rachel Weber says

    I love this! I’m making it for my wedding in August and just bought the frame I want to use. However, it does not have the little “kickstand” in the back that stands the frame up. Do you have any suggestions for how to prop one of these up if there is no wall to lean it up against? Thanks!

    • says

      Definitely! I use a simple easel. You can find a variety of sizes at Hobby Lobby or probably any other craft store. They work great as long as you get one that is big enough for your frame. Congrats on your wedding!