Laundry Room Stenciled Wall

*Thank you to Cutting Edge Stencils for sponsoring today’s post. All opinions are 100% mine.

It’s been awhile, but if you remember, I’ve been working on my laundry. It all started with nice, clean white walls. Then I started gathering some of the essentials. As I progressed through the makeover, I was approached by Cutting Edge Stencils to give one of their great wall stencils a try. After browsing their website, I fell in love with the Otomi Stencil Pattern.

Laundry room stenciled wall from The Otomi Stencil Pattern is perfect for the space. A mix of animals and flowers are a fun additional with a classic look.

Along with the great all over stencil, I also received the stencil essentials kit, which included a 4″ foam roller, a 5/8″ stencil brush and a clip-on stencil level.

Laundry Room Stenciled Wall-1

I began stenciling my wall in the top right corner. I chose to start on the right because when you enter the room, that is the area that is first visible to the eye. Normally, I would have started on the left side of the wall, especially if I were either stenciling the entire room or perhaps a different wall. I always try to think about how the design will end and where the eye is drawn when entering a room.

Laundry Room Stenciled Wall-3

Using the stencil level, I placed the stencil in the top corner and secured it to the wall with painter’s tape. The level slides onto the stencil easily and can be placed either on the top or the bottom. When using the stencil at the ceiling, I found it best to place the level on the bottom of the stencil.

I really loved using the stencil level because so often, our ceilings and walls are not always level themselves.  This helps create the perfect stencil design on any wall.

Laundry Room Stenciled Wall-2

I loaded my foam roller with paint, making sure it wasn’t overloaded. The roller brush actually needs to look almost dry. Excess paint can cause it to seep under the stencil.

Laundry Room Stenciled Wall-5

It’s best to roll several light layers of paint instead of one or two heavy coats. Taking your time and layering the paint works best for a crisp, clean design.

Laundry Room Stenciled Wall-4

I love the pattern. The mix of animals and flowers are so fun but also give a classic look to the space. Going with a khaki as the accent color allows me to keep a simple, subtle look in the space. It’s not overwhelming and works well with the metal and wood shelves that I’m using in the new laundry room.

Laundry Room Stenciled Wall-7

Laundry Room Finished shots-1

There are still a few touches that need to happen, including a folding station. As it progresses, I’ll be sure to keep you up to date, but today I’m just so excited to share my lovely stenciled wall.

*Thanks again to Cutting Edge Stencils for the great products. All opinions are 100% mine.

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