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My daughter is like most women…a lot of jewelry and no place to put it! Necklaces overflowing. Earrings everywhere. Glass jars full of bracelets. (Never mind that she probably has 2 or 3 jewelry boxes stuffed somewhere.) After some serious thought, this is what I came up with…

jewelry holder cover

Let me preface by telling you that for her 16th birthday, she had a Paris themed party. It was awesome! We even had an Eiffel Tower! Of course, it was only about 3 ft tall.

eiffel tower

You guessed it. That’s where the necklaces have been hanging, tangled and messy.

jewelry holder

This is the “cleaned up” version.  There were twice as many necklaces on there before! It worked, but it was very hard for her to see what necklaces she had and they were constantly getting tangled together.

So…we had the “tower of necklaces” and we had this…

girls bedroom

The frames with the initials worked, but she never liked the flower wall decals and I was just never satisfied with the way it looked.

The initials are from PBteen.  They are iron with a black finish and the wire twists so that you can use them to hold photos, cards, etc to display. I bought the frames based on the measurements of the initials. Each frame is different in size and design. I removed the glass and backing and then spray painted them a glossy black.

The other day, it dawned on me that the wire initials could hold her necklaces…but they were to high on the wall for her to be able to reach them. Definitely had to move them…

So if the initials will hold necklaces, why not the frames? Some frames from PBteen gave me the inspiration…the problem was I had thrown away the backs to the frame and to be honest…did not want to have to make a “pinboard” to fit each frame.  Simple solution…hooks!

I measured and marked equal distances for small cup hooks.  They were 2 inches apart.

jewelry holder

Then I screwed in a small cup hook at each mark. Not the easiest task! Those hooks are small!

jewelry holder

And viola! Instant jewelry holder!

jewelry holder

jewelry holder

I mixed it up a little, so now she has both the initials and two of the frames holding her necklaces.

jewelry holder

They are actually neat and in order!  I like the way they are “framing” the tv.

jewelry holder

Plus, you can actually tell that the Eiffel Tower is indeed the Eiffel Tower!

Jewelry organization is so important and when you can create a beautiful way to organize and display your jewelry, it’s even better. The frames solve the problem and offer great wall decor at the same time.
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