It’s A Wonderful Life

Enjoy Every Day


The air is crisp, the leaves are changing and it’s time for Fall break! Yeah!!! We need a break…a Fall break!

I know my kids are wearing thin from school and so am I! I’m tired…

But on this 5th day of the 31 days to a beautiful home, I need to remember that…

Wonderful Life

Sometimes we get up, facing the day with a frown on our face. I drag myself out of bed with another lunch to pack and another drop off to the school to do! I’d love to stay in bed. I’d love to drink my cup of coffee first thing in the morning, instead of drinking it after I finish everything else. I know…I’m complaining.

I need to stop and remember that it is a wonderful life! Each day that we have to spend with our kids, spouse, friends and family is another day to thank God for giving us this time to enjoy!

My oldest son is already away at college. It was hard to see him take that next step, but I had 3 more at home to keep me jumping!

But something happened Monday night…my daughter sat down and started her college essays. It was a huge slap in the face, saying “Wake up and enjoy this time! It will be gone before you know it!”

Where has the time gone? They are growing up too fast.

The next time I’m complaining about another sandwich to fix or another trip into town for pick-up, I need to look at that sign!

I’m not even sure where or when I bought this sign, but I’ve always loved it! Did I buy it at Christmas? I’m not sure. My husband made fun of me. He doesn’t understand why I have a “Christmas Movie” sign on our wall.

For me, it’s not about the movie or Christmas. It’s about life! It’s about stopping and smelling the roses.

Wonderful Life

I have this sign above the entry from our kitchen to our living room. I can see it from any vantage point in the kitchen, which is where I feel like I spend most of my time.

I try to have a positive attitude and not get down about things, but it’s hard. Life’s hard! But, we need to look around us and think about what we have been blessed with and meditate on the positive.

Cherish the time spent making those sandwiches, because one day you’ll wish you could make just one more!

So this fall break, I will rest…but more importantly, I plan to stop and enjoy the time spent with my family. Let’s all slow down and realize that…

It really is a wonderful life!


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  1. Elaine Glendening says

    I just love that saying :”It’s a Wonderful Life”. It’s how I feel every day. Thanks for sharing. Yours truly- Elaine

  2. says

    Thanks, Leslie. I needed that today after a 20 hour day at the hospital with my mother yesterday, a houseful of relatives this weekend and 24 for dinner on Thanksgiving Sunday (this weekend in Canada). I need to stop and smell the roses or at least take a moment to look at all the fall colour.

  3. says

    Such a wonderful reminder. I need to learn to stop and enjoy my little girls more, because I know before I know it, these moments will be gone! Stopping my from Mom’s Monday Mingle 🙂

  4. Deena says

    Loved your post!!! Could you tell me where you got this sign? My grandma (who recently passed away) had the exact same one hanging in her home and I’m trying to find it!

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