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~Animal Print Decor~


Have you ever heard that quote that says, “As far as I’m concerned, leopard is a neutral”? I’m not sure who said it or how it got started, but let’s talk animal print in home decor.

Do you love it or hate it?

I love it…in moderation. Whether it’s in home decor or fashion, I believe that animal print should be used appropriately.  I was once told that every home should have a touch of animal print. I repeat…a touch.

Animal Print in Home Decor

My first suggestion is to use it in your home decor accessories. A pair of cheetah print lamp shades in a foyer can make a grand statement in a minimal way. It gives a fun, unique look that greets your guests as they enter your home.

animal print in home decor

Another place that I have used animal print is in my living room. These Courbe ottomans are from Ballard Designs. They have brass nailhead trim which breaks up the print itself, giving the ottomans definition and interest.

animal print in home decor

These ottomans are probably my favorite piece of animal print decor in my home. I love the neutral colors and elegant look. The nailhead trim is a classic look, but the shape of the ottomans themselves have a more contemporary design.

animal print in home decor

There is one other place in my house where I have animal print and it’s in our basement. There you can find our family room which consists of our sofa and TV. At one end of the room, we have a table and chairs. Although they’re not actually chairs. I decided to use stools at our round table to give the space a unique look.

animal print in home decor

I found the stools at Homegoods, with each of them having a different fabric cover. In order to get the look that I wanted for the ottomans, I recovered them myself using this gorgeous black and white print.

While I do have animal print in three separate areas of my home, they do not collide with each other. They are subtle yet striking. Whether you choose to use animal print on a lampshade, a piece of upholstered furniture or perhaps even in your wall decor, use it to highlight your space without overwhelming it. A little goes a long way.


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