It Was A Long Time Coming…But I Did It!

College Graduation


This is week 3 of January 2013, which means it’s also week 3 of Folk Magazine’s Journal/Blog Challenge. This week’s writing prompt is:

 What are some things you have done but previously thought you could never do?


college graduation

Attending college was always my intention. It was just never my intention to do so at the age of 35. But life happens. Love happens. Girl meets boy and then a walk down the aisle.

 I attended school during the first two years of my marriage, but then I decided I wanted to start a family. I withdrew from college and focused on our future as a family. It was the best decision I have ever made and I don’t regret it for a minute. But I knew I wanted to reach that goal. I wanted to earn my degree.

So, 4 kids and 15 years later, I returned to school in hopes of earning a Bachelor’s Degree. There were so many times that I honestly did not think it was going to happen.

My youngest son had just started preschool. He went to school two days a week so I could only go two days a week. I began my return to the world of scholars by taking one class. Slowly, as the semesters went by, I increased the number of classes that I could take.

It was hard. I had 4 kids in three different schools. After dropping each child off at school, I would then head to class. I would pick everyone up and head home. There was laundry to do, dinner to prepare, baths to be given and homework to be done.

As time went by, I got so close! I had two semesters left to earn my degree in Elementary Education when my husband’s job took us overseas for a year. It was a wonderful opportunity for our family, but once again I had to withdrawal from college.

After a year in the United Kingdom, we returned to the States and once again I enrolled in college for the third time! At this point, I thought I was destined to become a professional student!

Finally in 2009, I graduated!

college graduation

It was 20 years after attending my first semester, but it was such a gratifying experience to hold that diploma in my hand. I spent so many years feeling that I had not accomplished anything. I wanted a college degree. I wanted that feeling of accomplishment.

I learned a lot while attending school but I think the most important thing I learned was that you are never too old to go after your goals in life. If you focus and work hard, you can reach your dreams.

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  1. Leslie Bruce says

    Our story is very similar. I returned to college at 39. I was a single mom at the time. My oldest daughter was also in college and I had one in high school and one in middle school. One of my proudest moments was walking across that stage with all my family there. Just proves we are never to old to accomplish what we set our minds to!

  2. says

    Bravo Leslie! I’m so glad I found you thru the Folk journal. It’s a hard thing to do but I did it too. I got my Communications degree a few years ago. I also only took a course or two for the first couple of semesters. Boy, it’s a lot harder in adult life with children that it was at 18. Congratulations to you. I bet your family are really proud of you.

    • says

      Thank you Veronica! It is true…it is so much harder, but I was definitely a better student. I knew what I had taken for granted when I was 18. Thanks so much for stopping by. I’m heading your way now. Have a great weekend.

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