HGTV Home Decor Fabric

~Fabulous Fabric~


I am so excited to be sharing my latest creations using some new HGTV Home Decor fabric found exclusively at Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores! When I found out that I was getting the opportunity to review their new fabric from HGTV, I was ecstatic. Mainly because I have a love of beautiful fabric. It’s a weakness.

Jo-Ann sent me two 1 yard pieces of HGTV Home coordinating fabric in Urban Blossoms and Checkered Past in Berry along with a length of matching trim.

HGTV home decor Fabric

The beautiful bright colors screamed “summer” to me. I immediately thought about my covered porch. This fabric is indoor fabric, but it will be fine to use on my porch because it is covered and protected from the elements. But don’t worry, outdoor fabrics and trims will be added to the collection by April 13th!

HGTV home decor Fabric

~New Pillows for the Porch~

My front porch needed a facelift and a new look, so I immediately thought about new pillows. I decided to create reversible pillows so that I could change the look on a whim. I created two 16″ x 16″ pillows, using one panel of each fabric for each pillow. For a third pillow,  I used a 12″ x 16″ pillow and I added some burlap and the trim. Check out the result…

hgtv home decor fabric

To create the reversible pillows, simply take one panel of each fabric. I prefer to cut my fabric to size, because I like my pillows to be full and tight. Therefore, since my pillow forms were 16″ x 16″, I cut my fabric to size. Place the fabric, right side together and stitch. Easy! Leave one size open to insert the pillow and then hand-stitch the pillow closed. You can check out my tutorial for sewing pillows. It also shows you how to slip stitch the pillow closed.

hgtv home decor fabric

For the pillow with the trim and burlap, I used a 7″ wide piece of burlap and two 3″ wide pieces of fabric, each 16″ long. Because of the trim, you will need a little more allowance in the width of the fabric. The back panel of the pillow was 12″ wide and 16″ long since the pillow form was 12″ x 16″. Begin by placing the burlap and fabric, right side together and insert the trim between the fabric. Pin to hold the layers together and then sew. Use a zipper foot on your sewing machine so that you can get as close to the trim as possible.

hgtv home decor fabric

Once sewn, the right side of the fabric will look like this…

hgtv home decor fabric

When you have created the front panel then you simply sew the two panels of fabric together as you did the other pillows.

hgtv home decor fabric

I love them! This fabric is great! The floral is 100% cotton and the checkered fabric is 58% cotton and 42% linen and it feels wonderful! The colors are vibrant and the fabric was nice to work with while making the pillows.

hgtv home decor fabric

I love using coordinating fabric and the reversible pillows give me so many options on the look of my front porch. I can use the two florals together, the two plaids or one of each!

hgtv home decor fabric

Now for some good news…from April 14-May 4, the HGTV Home line is 50% off at Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores! But that’s not all…I’m sharing a 10% off coupon that is good ON TOP of the 50% off of the HGTV fabric and trim! The coupon is valid till May 4th as well.


The gorgeous HGTV Home decor fabrics are available ONLY at Jo-Ann. They have a selection of 30 prints and patterns available in-store and an expanded assortment of 74 online at

Be sure to stop by and HGTV for great ideas and inspirations on how to use the new HGTV Home decor fabric in your home.

This is a sponsored post by Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores, but all opinions are my own.

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