Ghostbusters or Ghost Crafts

Who Ya Gonna Call?


Tomorrow is October 1st, which means Halloween is thirty days away! Time to get our craft on! Let’s start with ghost crafts.

I think this ghost centerpiece from BHG is so cute! It’s easy too, which is always a plus. It’s literally a stack of books with two ghosts cut out of the top two pages, leaving the bottom attached. You can use tape to help the ghosts to stand up and a hole punch to create the eyes.

Ghost Crafts

Guests will love seeing this little guy when they check out their refection in your mirror. I found this great idea for a ghost craft at Martha Stewart’s website. Use a ghost stencil to cut the design out of frosted window film. It adheres to your mirror and when removed,  won’t leave a trace. It’s adorable.

Ghost Crafts

Here’s another great ghost craft from Martha Stewart. These mini cheesecloth ghosts are adorable! It’s a little complicated, so click here for the instructions. They look awesome with the webs and I love how the “arms” are outstretched.

Ghost Crafts

Halloween is a great time of year and there are so many cute crafts that can help you make the most of this holiday. It’s the perfect time to get creative and have fun with it!


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