Furalicious Bedroom Accessories

Do you remember the scene in Legally Blonde when Elle is talking on her pink fur phone? We all know that Elle loved her fur. She was always inspirational. So I decided to incorporate some furalicious accessories into my daughter’s bedroom. Using some faux fur from the fabric store, I created some fabulous DIY Fur Bedroom Accessories.

Fur Bedroom Accessories Featured

We started with her lamp…She had this pretty DeLite lamp base from PBteen. We loved it, but when we re-painted her room, we decided it needed a re-do too!

This is what we came up with, using some glossy black spray paint for the base and some fur fabric for the shade. The fur came from Hancock’s Fabrics.

Fur Bedroom Accessories - Lamp Shade


The shade was a simple drum shade that I found at Garden Ridge. I simply cut the fur to fit the shade, allowing about a 1/2 inch allowance at the top and bottom. I used spray adhesive to put the fur on the shade and some hot glue to roll the top and bottom of the fabric over the edges of the shade.

Then I decided to get a little fur happy! Using the same technique, I covered a basic cardboard magazine holder from Walmart with the fur. It’s a cute way for her to not only organize, but also display her magazines. They’re right there on her nightstand, where she can grab one.

Fur Bedroom Accessories-Magazine Holder


For her desk, I decided on a furalicious pencil holder…It’s also just a basic cardboard pencil “cup.”

Fur Bedroom Accessories


One suggestion, is to be sure that, on the magazine and pencil holder, you do not fold the fur over the bottom of them. They will not sit level. Make sure that the fur is cut and adhered just at the edge of the bottom. The fluffy fur will cover the raw edge of the fabric and they will then set flat on the table or desk.

Fur Bedroom Accessories 1

You can also see some more of her room and her jewelry organizer here.

The fur bedroom accessories were SO EASY and she loved them! Of course, she accused me of going a little “fur crazy!”

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  1. says

    Too cute! I love these, but I think my cat would love them even more. I can see him rubbing up against the lamp like it’s his BFF 🙂

  2. Brianna says

    how stinkin CUTE!! 🙂 ….You could make these furry accessories and sell them for a mint! I’d like to place the first order please 🙂


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