Etched Glass Mother’s Day Vase

~Mother’s Day Etched Glass Gift~


Glass Etched Mother's Day Vase from A fun, keepsake vase for Mother's Day. Glass Etching is a great craft. The front of the vase says Mother while the back has the dates of each child's birth.

As a mother, I love to receive gifts that are made from the heart and that remind me how special it is to be a mother. Sometimes it’s hard to create a gift that mom can not only use but keep and cherish forever. Martha Stewart crafts makes that easy! This etched glass Mother’s Day vase is the perfect gift for any mom!

I decided to treat myself to a special gift…I created this beautiful glass etched vase, commemorating the years that my children were born. On the front of the vase it says MOTHER and on the back it says EST. 1992, 1995, 1997, 2000.

I love it! I can use it every year at Mother’s Day to create a gorgeous centerpiece for my table. It’s a wonderful keepsake to cherish.

Etched glass mother's day vase

Etched glass mother's day vase

The supply list is simple! You need a glass vase, Martha Stewart Glass Etching Cream and Martha Stewart Self Adhesive Stencils. You can find all your supplies at Michael’s Craft Stores.

etched glass mother's day vase

The steps are just as simple!

1) Clean your glass vase and wipe it off with some rubbing alcohol.

2) Apply your stencils. Because I needed to use some of my numbers multiple times, I had to do each set of numbers in steps. You may also want to apply painter’s tape around the stencils to make sure the etching cream does not get on other areas of the glass.

etched glass mother's day vase

3) Apply a layer of etching cream over the stencil. *Be sure not to get it on your skin. You can wear gloves with applying the cream.

etched glass mother's day vase

4) Wait 15 minutes.

5) Rinse and clean the etching cream off the vase.

6) Remove the stencils.

7) Ta-Da!

Etched glass mother's day vase

Etched glass mother's day vase

Etched glass mother's day vase

A wonderful gift for yourself, a friend or your mother.

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