Envelope Pillow Shams Tutorial

~Easy Tutorial for Making Pillows~


Today I made some new Envelope Pillow Shams for my master bedroom at my beach house. In less than an hour, I made these great pillow covers!

envelope pillow shams

Jenny from The Little Green Notebook shared her steps for making these great envelope pillows. I took her steps and made a few minor adjustments to accommodate my shams.

I found this great fabric and trim at JoAnn’s. I also bought two 20″ x 20″ pillow forms.

Envelope Pillow shams

Whenever I make any pillow, I cut my fabric to the exact size of my pillow form because I want the form to fill the pillow cover. For these pillows, I wanted to add the ruffled trim to the outside of the sham instead of the edges. I knew I wanted the trim to be 1″ in from the edges, therefore I added two inches to my measurements when I cut my fabric.

For an envelope pillow, you only need to cut one piece of fabric. The fabric will be “folded” like an envelope.

If I were not adding the trim, for a 20″ x 20″ pillow, I would use a piece of fabric cut 20″ x 44″. The extra 4 inches allows for the overlap in the back of the pillow.

Since I wanted to add the trim an inch on all sides, I cut my fabric to 22″ x 46″.

Envelope Pillow shams

First, I folded and stitched the two 22″ ends, creating a clean hem. The two 22″ ends will be the “envelope” opening.

Envelope Pillow shams

Next, I folded the fabric, right sides together. I measured the folded fabric to make sure that the folded measurements were 22″ x 22″.

Envelope Pillow shams

I pinned and stitched the edges together. You then have two stitched edges and two folded edges. Turn your pillow cover inside out.

Envelope Pillow shams

For the trim, I measured an inch on all sides and pinned the trim to the front of the pillow cover.

Envelope Pillow shams

Envelope Pillow shams

To attach the trim, I sewed on top of the existing stitch found in the middle of the trim, straight through the pillow cover.

Envelope Pillow shams

By adding the trim, it created a flange to the sham as well.

Envelope Pillow shams

I love the finished look! The pillow form fills the sham beautifully.

Envelope Pillow shams

These pillows are for my bedroom, but I don’t want to share the finished look until I’m done. I have a few more pillows to make first!

Envelope Pillow shams

I can’t wait to show you where these pillows are supposed to sit, but in the meantime…I just really wanted to share this great tutorial for such an easy pillow!

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  1. says

    Your pillow looks so fresh and new. Love the colors and the trim. I think I just might have to make a pillow like yours. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Dianne says

    I was about to make some pillows and love the use of your trim. I’m going to look for something similar. Thanks

  3. Janet Olson says

    I’ve made envelope pillow covers using your method, minus the trim. Really dresses it up and is so easy! I know what I’ll be doing on my next ones, even if I don’t have trim that works I can just do a flange.

  4. Kat says

    LOVE this… your pillow is beautiful and the trim looks great. Your directions make me think I might be able to make a pillow:).