DIY Keepsake…a Special Thanksgiving

Make Your Own DIY Keepsake


Sometimes we need to take it upon ourselves to create a keepsake…to help us hold onto a special memory. That’s what I did with this DIY project, representing a special time for my family.

Several years ago, my husband’s job took us overseas. We spent a year living in the U.K. It was a great experience and a very special time for us as a family!

While I was there, one of my favorite pastimes was visiting the monthly flea markets. There was one local flea market that was fabulous! I would stroll for hours!

On one treasure seeking trip, I brought home a Shove ha’penny board. Being an American, I had never heard of a Shove ha’penny board! It’s a pub game, along the lines of shuffleboard, played on a tabletop board.

I had a picture of it, but I have searched high and low and can not find it! So here’s an example:

Ha Penny


Since the board is considered a pub game, I thought a name of a pub would be great. I decided on the pub that we celebrated Thanksgiving at while we were in England…Ye Olde Dog & Partridge! We loved going there! The food was excellent!

It’s been around since the 16th century and it is so cool! From Ye Olde Dog & Partridge, you can see Tutbury Castle, where Mary, Queen of Scots was held.

Here’s what I came up with in my quest to create a keepsake of our Thanksgiving spent in England…

DIY Keepsake

I printed the words from Microsoft Word and created my own stencil using contact paper. For the dog and partridge, I cut the images out of a print and used Mod-podge to finish the project.

DIY Keepsake

I love that I created it myself, giving remembrance to a special day in our lives, using something I bought while there.

DIY keepsake

 Thanksgiving is always a good day and that Thanksgiving that we spent in England was one that we will always remember. It was special because that night we were the only ones celebrating…it was our special night.

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