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Khaki Bar

Making pillows is one of my favorite DIY projects ever. I’ve made quite a few over the years and with each one I learn something new.

I’ve made no-sew pillows, some with cording and some with trim. I’ve also experimented with different types of closures in my pillows; like velcro, zippers and envelope style.

Today I tried something new…I added DIY Jute Tassels to my new pillows.

DIY Throw Pillows with jute tassels

But let me start at the beginning…


I was invited to participate in a Throw Pillow Tour with some other bloggers. Each one of us received a 16″ x 16″ pillow form and 1 yard of fabric from Online Fabric Store. We were able to choose our fabric and I decided on this gorgeous Waverly Full Circle Tiger Lily Fabric.  I also asked if I could get some trim and they graciously said yes, so I picked the 2″ Jute Brush Fringe.

DIY Throw Pillows with Jute Tassels

The reason I chose this particular fabric and trim was because I was in need of two pillows for my black chairs in my master bedroom. Since I have recently added orange and khaki into that room, I knew it would be a perfect fit.

Let’s talk tutorial…


DIY Jute Tassels


I’ll be honest when I say that the tassels were not my intention when I ordered the fabric and trim. My idea was to use the trim…

With my pillow form being 16″ x 16″, I needed a minimum of 64″ of trim to complete the pillow. The problem was that I only had 60″ of trim…plus I wanted to make two pillows.

So I moved on to Plan B, which was to use the trim to create tassels…which I’ve never done…

I cut the trim into 8 pieces that were about 2″ long.

DIY Throw Pillows with Jute tassels

For the strings, I had some heavier jute twine left over from a previous project. I cut it into pieces that were about 3″ long and placed the end of the twine at the center of the trim. I sewed the twine to the jute trim, going back and forth over the section. If I had it to do over, I would create a longer string than 3″. The end of the string ends up inside the pillow cover, so it would actually be easier to handle when sewing the tassels to the fabric.

DIY Throw Pillows with jute tassels

To create the tassel, I rolled the trim and used hot glue to secure it.

DIY Throw Pillows with Jute Tassels

DIY Throw Pillows with Jute Tassels

Once the tassels were made, it was on to the pillows…

DIY Envelope Throw Pillows


My first step for the pillow was to measure and cut the fabric. The pillow form was 16″ x 16″ and while most people would cut their fabric with an additional inch to allow for seams, I always choose to cut my fabric the exact size as my form. It’s just really a personal preference…I like the pillow form to fill the pillow cover completely.

Therefore, I cut my fabric 16″ x 16″ for the front. For the back, I cut a piece 16″ x 22″. I added an additional 6 inches, because I decided to create an envelope style pillow. The 16″ x 22″ piece was then cut in half, making two 16″ x 11″ pieces.

diy throw pillows with jute tassels

Next, I created a hem on the two back pieces, on the sides where they would overlap, knowing that those two edges are the only fabric edges that would be seen once the pillow was finished.

DIY Throw Pillows with Jute Tassels

DIY Throw Pillows with jute tassels

Then I constructed the pillow by laying the fabric, “right sides together.”  The back pieces where simply laid atop of each other, lining up with the one front piece.

DIY Throw Pillows with jute tassels

At this point, I pinned the fabric together and added my tassels. The tassels where inserted at the corners, inside the fabric. With the string of the tassel extending at the corner, I pinned the tassels to the fabric.

DIY Throw Pillows with jute tassels

DIY Throw Pillows with jute tassels

DIY Throw Pillows with jute tassels

Once all the pieces were pinned, I sewed it all together…turned it inside out…inserted the pillow form and done!

DIY Throw Pillows with Jute tassels

diy throw pillows with jute tassels

Luckily I had a second pillow form on hand, because the 1 yd of fabric was more than enough for two pillows.

DIY Throw Pillows with jute tassels

DIY Throw Pillows with Jute tassels

DIY Throw Pillows with jute tassels

Thankfully, I can chalk up another style pillow to my list of favorites. The tassels were really easy to DIY and it’s a style that I’ve always loved.

If you love throw pillows as much as I do and want to do your own DIY, then take advantage of the opportunity to win 1 of 2 – $100 gift cards to Online Fabric Store.

If you love throw pillows as much as I do but would rather not DIY, then you should still enter the giveaway, because Online Fabric Store also has Ready Made Decorative Pillows! Click below to see the selection…


Enter to win…

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  1. debbie says

    Leslie, I love them, they are beautiful and the color is so autumnal. Your gallery wall behind the chairs and your draperies all look wonderful together. I do not sew and would love to learn. Like you, I only want to make pillows and drapery panels. I want to just buy a sewing machine and teach myself but have no idea what might be best for a newby. If you have any suggestions, I am open to hear them.

    • says

      Thank you Debbie! If you buy a machine from a sewing center or a JoAnn’s, they usually offer an introductory class or two. I know they’ll show you how to get started, set it up, etc. I would suggest taking a beginning sewing class. Once you learn the basics, then it’s just practice makes perfect!

  2. says

    Your are so clever to think of making tassels from the trim. I know you were really bummed to discover that you didn’t have quite enough trim to edge two pillows but no worries, you solution ended up being great. I really like the color and pattern of this fabric.


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