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I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed spending time with family and friends! We had a lovely holiday and I’m looking forward to having my kids home for another week. We’re planning on enjoying this time leading up to the New Year!

I found a goodie over the Christmas holiday that I wanted to share!

While visiting my brother-in-law and sister-in-law for Christmas, they showed me their DIY door headboard.

I was honored to find out that they were inspired by my DIY headboard that I did in my master bedroom at our vacation home. I actually haven’t shared that particular headboard with you yet, but you can check out this tufted fabric covered headboard that I did for my daughter’s room.

They did such a great job on their headboard…I had to share it with you…

DIY door Headboard

Isn’t it beautiful?!?!? I love the bright yellow!

They used a new solid door that they purchased at Lowes. My brother-in-law trimmed the door to the fit the size of their mattress and added trim to the edges.

DIY door Headboard

The trim gives it a great finished look. The last touch was the fresh coat of white and yellow paint.

A DIY headboard like this can be easily attached to the wall using french cleats or D-rings found at any home improvement store.

DIY door Headboard

The yellow looks so good with the crisp white linens with the touch of blue.

DIY door Headboard

Another great plus for this type of headboard is that the look can be easily changed at any time with a new paint color!

Think about giving yourself a new look for the New Year! It can be as simple as a great DIY door headboard!

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  1. Pat Stewart says

    Thanks Leslie for featuring our DIY headboard. I see more DIY items added to our home thanks to your great ideas!!

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