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One of my favorite things about any room is curtains. I love gorgeous window coverings! I recently showed you my new home office curtains and today I wanted to share how to make them yourself.

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The Rule of Thumb on Curtain Width


Take the window’s width and multiply it by:  1- for a tailored look, 1.5- for a standard look, 3- for a full look.

For example, if your window is 50 inches and you want a standard look, you would multiply 50 x 1.5 = 75 inches. Each panel would be 37.5 inches wide giving you a total of 75 inches of fabric.


My window is about 45 inches wide from window edge to edge and I knew I would be hanging the rod about 3 inches outside the window frame. The fabric was 54 inches wide, so I decided to do two 54 inch panels. That was a little more than 2x the window width, which was great. Therefore I’d have no seams and a nice amount of fullness.


I decided to do simple drapes using clip rings. These are very easy to make. My first step was to hem the sides. I folded the edge over 1/2 inch and ironed the edge. Then I folded it over again 1/2 inch and ironed once more.


Be sure to pin the fold for sewing the hem.

Curtain hem pin

Next, I finished the top. I created a rod pocket even though I knew I would be using clip rings. To create the rod pocket, I folded the raw edge down about 1/2 inch and then I created a fold of 3 inches.

Curtain Top

I ironed and pinned the fold to prepare for sewing.

Curtain Top

Finish the hems with a simple straight stitch.

For the bottom hem, I decided to hang the curtains and then pin the hem to the desired length.

Curtain Hem

Once I had the curtains hung, I really liked the look of them “puddling” a little. I normally have my curtains just touching the floor. I wanted a little “plusher” look, so I decided to leave them a little longer than usual.

Curtain Hem

For the bottom hem, I got a little lazy! Instead of taking the curtains down and having to re-iron, etc, I decided to use Heat n’ Bond Iron On Adhesive to do a no-sew hem. It’s so easy to use! You simply iron it on the fabric, remove the paper backing, fold the hem and iron again. I pulled my ironing board up to the window and created my bottom hem.

Curtain Hem

I love the result.

Curtain Hem

Viola! Quick and easy curtains!

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