Dishes Under Glass

In my kitchen, I have a set of cabinets that have glass doors. For years, I wanted glass door cabinets and when we moved into our current house, I got my wish!

Be careful what you wish for…

Don’t get me wrong…I love them and I’m glad I have them…but they can cause some minor stress when it comes to filling them.

I wanted it to look nice, neat and organized. I wanted it to look beautiful. I didn’t want it to look cluttered, but I wanted it to have a purpose. Too much to ask for???

I think not!


I found these gorgeous hand painted dishes at (my favorite place) HomeGoods. The pattern is “Poppy Spatter.” I can’t make out who they are made by.

I love them! They are yellow with some tan, which goes with my maple cabinets. Of course, I love the red! If you look closely, they have small specks of black, which also goes with my kitchen.

I mixed my new dishes in with some of my Longaberger dishes that I’ve had for years. I had all six of their colors, but only used the yellow, sage and persimmon color.

If you notice, I have mixed “displaying” dishes with “stacking” them for use. The trays and bowls are more of a display, with the stacks of cereal bowls and dishes being put “to use.” You feel perfectly comfortable reaching in and grabbing a plate, while realizing that the arrangement of everything makes for a pretty sight. It gives the look of a collection.

Take advantage of your glass door cabinets. Use them, but also make them beautiful! We often hide things in our cabinets and drawers. These are meant to showcase your things!

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    I love you glass door cabinets. They’re great for displaying all of your pretty dishes. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I appreciate your visit.

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